10-Minute Home Cardio Workout That Will Improve Your Health
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When we recommend someone to exercise, people instantly think about long, extensive, and hours-long gym sessions. It is normal to feel that it is usually hours long when we see someone working out in most movies. However, in real life, things are quite different. Most people don’t have enough time, and even the thought of an hours-long workout routine gets pretty boring. Most people complain they don’t have enough time; others don’t have health as their current preference. However, few want to work out, but they don’t have enough money to buy a gym membership to work for hours using sophisticated machines. No matter which category you choose, there is always a solution. For the beige struggling with time, money, hectic routine, or any other issues, we have assembled an easy workout routine that you can perform at home. This workout routine will only take 10 minutes, and it will help you get a toned body within no time.

Benefits of the Home 10 Minutes Cardio Session

As we discussed earlier, people talk about having not enough money, time, or motivation. According to a study conducted by Harvard health, just a 10 minutes workout session is enough for anyone to have a healthy, happy life. However, anything beyond the 15 minutes limit will only add to the progress but will not affect the health. In short, this 10-minute workout session is good enough to keep you healthy, but anything beyond that will help you improve your stamina and endurance. To resolve all these issues, 10 minutes of cardio is perfect. Some of the benefits of 10 minutes cardio include:

  • No equipment required
  • You can perform it at home
  • No investment for membership
  • You don’t have to leave your house
  • You need 10 minutes for the whole session
  • This exercise session is perfect for weight loss
  • The session is not too intense but good enough for blood pressure maintenance, sugar maintenance, lowering blood cholesterol levels.
  • Helps with intense calorie burnout
  • Great for relieving stress and good for mental health

10 Minutes Cardio Session

This cardio session is quite easy, and you don’t need anything for that. However, some people live to have an exclusive space for their workout so that you can set a small home gym. For the home gym, you need enough space that you can spread your hands and feet easily. You can set it at the end of any corner, or you can even put it in your living room. If you need any video or music assistance, you can also set a place for your mobile, tablet, or laptop. Usually, living spaces are very small, and people don’t have enough space. If you face the same issues, you can remove your sofa and set your workout space there. You can also connect your device to your smart TV, and your living space will turn into a home gym. If you have a family, you can also get them involved, which will instantly become more fulfilling. For parents who do not find any bonding time with their kids, this is a perfect session that will get their kids involved.

Cardio and Yoga

Time Required: for the overall session, you require only 10 minutes. However, you can also increase the time if you want.

Equipment: for this session, you don’t need any equipment. However, after a few sessions, when you need to upgrade, you can get some resistance band or weight to increase the intensity of your workout. It would help if you also had sportswear to help you exercise in a better way. 

cardio equipment

Setting: the overall session consists of basic cardio exercises. These exercises include push-ups, pull-ups, burpees, rock jumps, squats, and crunches. You can either follow every detail in the provided session or repeat any three exercises for the same session.

Upgrade: for the upgrade, you can also add some weight or increase the speed. As we are going for a no equipment gym session, you can switch to increasing the reps’ speed and reps. However, to make the overall session more effective, go easy for a few first sessions, but then add some weight or intensify your exercises.

Alternative: for cardio, you need something to help you get your blood pumping and body sweating. If you don’t want to have a 10 minutes session at home, you can go cycling, swimming or jogging. These alternatives will help you breathe better, and fresh air will help you improve your overall mental and physical health as well.

Session Details:  

Before you start your session, take at least 3 minutes for a simple warm-up routine. This routine can consist of stretching, rope skipping, or Zumba. Once you are done with the workout, arrange just a 3 minutes cool-down session. Within that session, you can either end your activity with yoga, meditation, or simple stretching.

Rocket Jump

This will only take a minute; you need to keep your feet apart, but make sure your knees are bent, and your hands are on your thighs. As you start to jump up, bring your hands above your head and then extend your entire body. However, while landing, reposition your body. Once you are done with the rocket jumps, you will feel your legs getting numb. Walk for at least 45 seconds, and you will be able to start the next exercises.

Star Jump

To start to jump, you need one minute thirty seconds. Stand tall, make sure your posture is fine, and your shoulders are straight while your chest is out, and keep your arm straight and by your side. Please make sure your knees are bent so there is no injury and generate the power from the core by keeping it tight; this will become your abs workout. Jump up and then extend your upper and lower limbs. As your land, make sure your hands and knees are together. Take a few seconds to walk before you start the next phase.

Star Jump


Squats are great for the lower body. It would help if you keep your feet apart, and your hands should stay down. Don’t try to touch anything for support. Instead, try to sit like you are sitting on an invisible chair, make sure you are not leaning on anything for help, and your whole body weight is on you.

Squats exercise


For burpees, you need just 2 minutes. Stand while maintaining your posture, and then drop to the squat position. You can touch the ground with your hands, now get into a push-up position and then get back to the squat position and stand up again. This is a full-body workout, and it is great for everyone.

Burpees Exercise

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