5 Ways to Liven Up the Walls in the Children’s Room
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We have five ideas for you to liven up the walls using children’s motifs, from the more challenging and creative ones to the simplest ones that only take a few minutes.


Children’s wall stickers are the easiest way to liven up a room’s walls instantly. You can apply them yourself; there’s nothing to go wrong. There are many motifs, so you can easily choose both for your newborn baby and a bigger girl or boy.

For example, stickers with motifs of nature and animals will be perfect for a baby’s room. But you will find your way even if you love minimalism.

Older children will be delighted by the animated motifs of fairy tales such as the Ice Kingdom, Mimi, or Cars. And you will also make a dinosaur lover happy. Don’t be afraid to consult with them about a specific motive.

A significant advantage of stickers is their easy removal. Peel them off, and the wall will remain intact. You can easily change the Room again according to your taste or the demands of a growing child.


Do you want to decorate an entire wall? Then reach for children’s wallpapers. Their application is already more demanding and requires two hands, but it completely transforms the Room. Self-adhesive wallpaper will make your work much more accessible; classic wallpapers require the use of glue. How the wall will look when you remove the wallpaper depends on the adhesive used.

If you decide on the wallpaper, pay careful attention to the measurement of the wall so that it fits perfectly. Also, be careful when choosing a theme. Due to the dimensions of the wall, it could be cut in an inappropriate place. But the seller should warn you about this.

As with stickers, you can choose from abundant motifs and colors. Depending on the complexity of the wallpaper, we recommend considering whether to place it on multiple walls or just one. It should have a relaxing feel even if it is a children’s Room.


Hiring a professional artist to paint children’s motifs on the wall would be expensive. But if you have a little skill and like minimalism, you can easily do it yourself!

You will only need a brush and painter’s tape to precisely paint geometric shapes. You can undoubtedly start with simple motifs, such as clouds. And you don’t even need to buy more paint colors. You will need white and one colored one, which you can mix into different dark shades. Here are some pictures for inspiration.


First smile, first tooth, first steps. You can always have these unique moments in your eyes. And you don’t have to limit yourself to just small frames on the shelves. With a stylish photo holder or a heart-shaped decorative frame, you can liven up the entire wall at once.


Shelves can also be a wall decoration. The selection of children’s shelves includes beautiful decorative pieces that will instantly brighten the children’s Room.

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