8 Best Wedding Color Schemes For Any Season

Wedding color schemes, wedding hashtags, setting the date, and finding a venue are all the top items that should be tackled at the beginning of your planning stages. And if you’re getting started and wondering what the hottest wedding colors will be for the upcoming year, we’ve got you covered. 

We’re super excited about what we’re seeing. 

So, if you like to be on trend, here are the wedding colors that should pop up next year. 

8 Timeless Wedding Color Themes 

From neutrals to dramatic and moody colors, here are 8 timeless wedding color themes that you’re sure to love. 

1. Lilac And White

Lilacs are not only gorgeous, but also smell divine, and if your partner wants to steer clear of a pink or over-the-top girlie wedding theme, lilac and white can be a great compromise. These colors look stunning, with lots of unique textures, you can really have fun with your wedding decor.


The lilac flowers look beautiful mixed with neutral colors and fun textures like pampas grass, gold, or metallic details on the tables, and it’s an extremely flattering color to wear. So, if you’re a bride that loves fashion, you can opt for a lilac wedding dress or keep it simple with a white gown and have your bridesmaids in lilac. 

One thing we know for sure is lilac and white photographs beautifully, so be prepared for lots of Insta-worthy photos.  

2. Shades Of Green

The number of couples choosing green as their wedding color has significantly increased! And there are so many shades of green that you can easily use this wedding color scheme during any season. 

You can incorporate additional natural greenery, such as eucalyptus and ivy, into your big day by making your wedding’s color motif green. Combining sages, those deep, rich greens, and those light and sparkling greens can help you find the perfect balance with your foliage.

3. Black And White

The traditional black wedding color palette is always a good choice. It’s beautiful for winter weddings with pops of bold colors like magenta or red. We never get bored of the traditional black tie affair.

Additionally, although “black tie” is typically linked with themes in black and white, this isn’t always the case. For example, a black-and-white wedding might be contrasted with neutral hues or metallics like gold. And they look incredible. 

For added drama, you can use black on your tables with runners or black charger plates. You can infuse it into your wedding day fashion with black bridesmaid dresses and suits or tuxes for the guys. And if you really want to amp up the drama level, there are black wedding dresses and flowers, too. 

4. Blush And Pale Blue

The blush and pale blue wedding colors are one of our all-time favorites. Best suited for spring and summer weddings, this soft and feminine wedding color palette is divine. We see this color scheme in fine art wedding photography sessions, a trendy and romantic type of photography. 

Blush and pale blue wedding colors are soft pastels and look beautiful with different shades of green, and you can even infuse muted metallics. It’s oh so pretty!

5. Navy Blue And Gold

Due to its simplicity, the traditional color combination of navy blue and gold is frequently used in wedding decor. However, mixing the two hues may produce a palette with a wide range of tones and shades that can compliment any decor.

There are a variety of blue color schemes, but navy and gold are considered classic bridal color scheme because it goes with practically any season and style. Any wedding style, including beach, boho, art deco, glam, rustic, and traditional, can look stunning with these colors combined.

6. Assorted Pinks

Pink is a hue that appears in so many weddings because it is adaptable. Even though some people only connect this color with two qualities (sweet and adorable), that doesn’t do it justice. Pink may indeed be all those things, and we adore it when it is! However, the color family is more complex than that. Pinks come in various hues, from millennial pink and blush to dark and hot pink, so you may use them to create a lively or classy atmosphere.

We especially love when couples mix different shades of pink to create more visual interest. Soft pastels and bold and bright pinks look beautiful with greenery and even pops of yellow and orange. 

You can expect to see the assorted pink wedding color palette in Spring and Summer weddings, but it also looks incredible mixed with shades of grey or black at winter or Fall weddings. 

7. Burgundy

Burgundy is one color that won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Burgundy may be found all over social media, in wedding magazines, and in other publications. In both fashion and weddings, it’s making a significant comeback.


But don’t just think that burgundy is a fall or winter color. It looks gorgeous when mixed with blush, peach, yellow, orange, and metallic golds. It’s a beautiful wedding color palette that shouldn’t be ignored.  

8. Neutral Colors

Just like the common wedding day beverage, a pop of Champagne or other neutral colors are also the most lovely and romantic wedding color! These delicate beige or tan shades are a breathtaking neutral backdrop for your bridal party to shine in. And all your other wedding accent colors will pop with the neutral champagne hue as the base.

Champagne will undoubtedly continue to be a popular wedding color for a very long time. It’s popular among couples and for good reason; because it’s soft, romantic, and neutral.

Wedding Color Themes FAQs

Do wedding colors have to match the season?

Your wedding, just like your love story is unique to you so no, you don’t have to stick to the norm and keep your wedding color inline with the season. It’s time to abandon antiquated seasonal color conventions, such as the notion that pastels are only appropriate for spring and that an orange and yellow wedding is only appropriate in the fall. 

You should choose a color scheme that you enjoy and then modify it to fit the season by adding accent colors, textures, and décor in addition to changing the shade. To pull off a pastel winter wedding, use shades of dusty sage instead of a brighter seafoam or mint green and change out rosy pink for a more subdued blush.

If you’re planning a winter wedding, for example, but you want to use a color palette that is more bright and cheery, accessorize it with faux-fur chairbacks and evergreens. Doing this will really help your wedding style compliment the season without coming off as overtly themed.

How many colors should you have for a wedding?

There was an age-old rule that lead people to believe you had to stick with a two-color wedding color palette. But in today’s modern times, where couples are embracing uniqueness and personality, this has been thrown out of the window!


For a beautiful, romantic, fun and Insta-worthy wedding color scheme, mix and match multiple colors, up to five. Doing this creates a whimsical feeling, a beautiful aesthetic and mind-stimulating visual experience. 

What’s the most popular wedding color scheme?

The combination of white, champagne, and ivory has always been and may continue to be the most common wedding color. These colors are used in almost every wedding, either as a basis, supporting colors, or highlights. They’re timeless neutrals that go well with every theme, fashion, and setting. 

They also stand for class, life, and harmony — an awesome wedding color palette for any wedding. 

Staying True To You

If you’re looking for a wedding color theme, our best advice is to stay true to what you love. If you have a favorite flower, or color embrace it! And don’t stress about making it fit with the season, there are many ways to mix and match wedding colors to create a cohesive palette that you love.

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