9 Fun Ways to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day
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Whether you’re looking for authentic and traditional ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in honor of your Irish heritage or creating new and fun traditions with your own friends and family, there are plenty of fun ways to celebrate on March 17th. Get inspired by our list of nine fun ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day. Find some cute clothes, and let’s get the party started!

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  1. Eating and Drinking the Irish Way — According to Country Living, if you grew up celebrating St Patrick’s Day with your family, there are probably some traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. One of them was that you likely had corned beef and cabbage for dinner on March 17th. Any meal with meat and potatoes is the cornerstone of any Irish meal. You can try making classic Shepherd’s Pie with beef, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. If you’re partaking in drinking for the holiday, while the Irish are known for Guinness, you can try any other Irish beer like Harp or Murphy’s and Irish whiskeys like Jameson or Bushmills.
  2. Bake Irish Goodies — You can bake traditional Irish treats like Irish soda bread or make Irish-inspired desserts like shamrock-shaped cookies. Put green frosting on cupcakes or find recipes online for some boozy St Patty’s Day dessert. It’s a fun and easy way to satisfy your sweet tooth for the holiday.
  3. Watch a St Patrick’s Day Parade — Even if you don’t live in big cities like New York and Chicago, which are known for their extravagant St Patty’s Day parades, you’re bound to find at least one festive Saint Patrick’s Day parade in your area. It’s a fun activity for you and the family to enjoy. Just keep in mind that the parade can be a few hours long, so you’ll want to wear shoes that are comfortable. If you’re looking for cute women’s shoes to wear at the parade, try flats or sneakers that are fashionable yet comfortable enough to wear for hours while standing for the parade.
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4. Learn Some Irish Sayings — Learn some Irish sayings that you can use for St Patrick’s Day and beyond. In traditional Gaelic, it’s common to say “Erin go Bragh” on the holiday, which roughly translates to “Ireland forever.” It’s a popular phrase to say to others celebrating the holiday. Another popular Irish saying you can learn for the holiday is “sláinte,” which means “good health” or essentially how to say “cheers” in Gaelic.

5. Listening to Irish Music — Immerse yourself in Irish music for St Patrick’s Day. You can listen to classic Irish bands like the Clancy Brothers, the Wolfe Tones, and the Dubliners if you want to listen to banjos and the fiddle. If you prefer more contemporary music, try the Cranberries, Van Morrison, and, of course, U2.

6. Watching Classic Irish MoviesIf you plan on cooking or baking any Irish food this year, put on a classic Irish movie in the background. Pay homage to the holiday by watching movies that take place in Ireland or are rooted in the Emerald Isle. Try the Wind that Shakes the Barley, about two brothers during the Irish War of Independence, or the Quiet Man, about a boxer who returns home to his native Ireland and falls in love.

7. Reading Classic Irish Literature — Not all of us want to go to bars or watch a parade. For those of us that would rather snuggle up on the couch with a warm stew and a pint of Guinness from the comfort of our couch, read as the Irish do. James Joyce is one of the great Irish novelists who wrote Dubliners and Finnegans Wake. If you prefer classic horror, did you know that Bram Stoker, an Irish gothic novelist, wrote Dracula?

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8. Making St Patrick’s Day Crafts — Get creative with crafts for kids or any adults who want to get their hands on some glitter glue and green construction paper. There are plenty of St Patrick’s Day crafts you can try your hand at like making green slime or planning a scavenger hunt. For arts and sweet tweets combined, have a shamrock cookie decorating contest.

9. Wear St Patrick’s Day-Inspired Clothing — You can’t forget about rocking a fabulous green outfit on March 17th! There are plenty of options for cute women’s tops you can wear that are inspired by St Patrick’s Day, such as a green pullover with a delicate bow or a flowy green tiered skirt. Finish off any look with a green purse and a green manicure, and you’ll be ready to celebrate the holiday in style.

Now that you’ve learned some exciting ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, all that’s left for you to do is to put on your favorite St Patrick’s Day-inspired cute accessories. You can try green headbands, shamrock earrings, or whatever other green clothing inspires you for the holiday. Time to start baking Irish soda bread before you head over to your local St Patrick’s Day parade!

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