Best places to travel with friends in the world: 2021
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Only a few people don’t like traveling with friends, and many people love the best places to travel with friends, they want to travel with their friends with their bags and other useable stuff.

Backpacking and being ready to move on with friends is a part of life, we are human beings, and we are not machines to work 24 hours and to be sitting in one place for whole 365 days. 

We human beings have emotions, and we should feel the life, to have fun in life many have many options some likes to travel some preferences to play games, and many have many alternatives.

Best Places to travel with friends 

There are such various unique destinations to travel worldwide, whether you require to go totally off the beaten track or see some main cities in a completely new way.

While countries like Thailand and Cambodia in South East Asia have long attracted backpackers from beyond the globe, there are a few promising destinations that are well worth encouraging to involve yourself in various cultures and maybe find some dreamy tropical beaches along the way. 

Here we list out some best places to travel with your friends during your holidays or your office/college vacations:

Let’s start dreaming.

Thailand (Koh Tao)

Thailand’s country has terrific hiking, jungle trekkings, countless temples, the bustling and different city of Bangkok, and the beautiful Thailand islands and beaches.

The best place to go in Thailand is Koh Tao. It was scuba diving that once attracted visitors to the island. Koh Tao is competing with Roatan in Honduras as the most affordable place in the world to get your Scuba diving certificate. Receiving your PADI, as many people describe it cost about $250, including three days of accommodation.

Indonesia (Nusa Penida)

Nusa Penida is an Indonesian island southeast of the famous backpacker port, most well-known for the arched cliffs and unspoiled bay of beautiful Kelingking Beach. 

This exciting scene is Nusa Penida’s star display, but there’s no limit of mysterious adventures to be had on this unbelievable island. From visiting prayer service in a holy cave halfway up a mountain to hiking to an abandoned treehouse became an insane viewpoint. Then, swimming with playful enormous manta rays, every second is an experience on Nusa Penida. 

Throw in those traditional Indonesian sunsets and lots of ‘warungs’ serving tasty local food for pennies, and it’ll quickly grow public why it’s our number one backpacker pace for 2021.

Vegas (Sin City)

Sin City is forever a great time, particularly when you have your best friends with you. 

There’s no lack of drinks and good music with the best clubs around you like Omnia, Marquee, and Tao.

If you require to test your luck, there are no shortages of casinos like the ARIA, the Palms, and Bellagio. You won’t need to miss out on a significant pool party at one of the chic motels onward the strip throughout the day.

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Harrisburg is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This city is known for its rich history as it was part of the Civil war, Westward expansion and industrial revolution.
This city is the best when it comes to outdoor activities and food as well. There are lot of interesting things to visit and see including:

  • Riverforth park
  • State museum of Pennsylvania
  • Broadstreet market and many more

Hotels in Harrisburg Pennsylvania are also very affordable and tourist friendly. With a lot of things to see, booking a one day trip will not be enough so try to get at least three days in this beautiful city!

Sri Lanka (Unawatuna) 

Sri Lanka is one of South East Asia’s minor visited backpacker goals but will get further and more attractive once word spreads about the unspoiled beaches, rich culture, and wondrous adventures on offer. 

Unawatuna is a favorite with several backpackers, gratitude to the laid-back environment and collection of luxurious beachside hostels and resorts.

Norway (Trondheim)

Trondheim is one of the best travel destinations for 2021. A creative student city, it has an extensive craft beer and local food display, which you can test at the various cafes and restaurants in the pedestrianized city center.

It’s full of main Insta content, like the traditional Scandi-style colorful buildings along the waterfront. Just keep some space in your camera roll for the towering old cathedral! As the first capital of Norway, this city is stuffed full of history for you to explore. 

You can also tick off a bucket list adventure by observing the Northern Lights here between September to March. So, what are you waiting for? Move on?

India (Kodaikanal)

Kodaikanal is in Tamil Nadu, India; the region contributes a refreshing break from the heat, with a misty hillside located 2,000 meters high sea level. 

The town’s principal attraction is the star-shaped lake in its center, where you can carry out a rowing boat and travel the eerily quiet scenes. 

The area is home to cool waterfalls and breathtaking valleys, so it’s the final place to leave the hustle and bustle for several days. As you probably know, India can be incredible.  

The places mentioned above are the best places to visit your friends, there are many, but we like the places mentioned above or countries to see and have fun with your friends. 

Please share this article with your friends and tell them to come with you. 

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