How to Deal with a Complete Family When First Child is Born
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For most women, Childbirth is the biggest scare. But then they are surprised that it does not end with Birth. The period of six months is coming. What awaits you, and how do you deal with the new feelings of being a mother and a complete family?

During pregnancy, we often fear Childbirth.

First-time mothers, on the one hand, can’t wait to bring their first child into the world. On the other hand, they often fear the unknown, especially Childbirth. This is the most discussed topic that is discussed in connection with pregnancy.

Childbirth is undoubtedly an essential and demanding discipline, but a woman can cope with physical pain much better than mental distress.

But After giving Birth comes a New Role as a Mother. 

Most women imagine the period after Childbirth as beautiful and sunny because the worst is behind them. However, some new mothers might be surprised by the feelings they get when they bring their baby home from the hospital.

Suddenly, one of them is a family, which is great luck and responsibility. What feelings await you, and how to deal with them?

Huge luck VS Reality

A child is, of course, a great joy for a mother, and as soon as it is born, you will be flooded with endorphins and an incredible feeling of happiness and joy. That is why some mothers claim that the feeling after giving Birth is the most beautiful thing in the world – they are talking about maternal love. You will feel like you are in a fairy tale and see everything in bright pink colours.

Returning home, however, means a shock to Reality for most mothers. A baby can start crying out of nowhere, and you won’t know what to do because you won’t have nurses on hand.

Suddenly, you may feel a little alone in everything, and often you will not know what to do at a given moment and how to relieve the baby.

A feeling of an Incomplete Mother 

You won’t know how to stop a baby’s endless crying, and you won’t know how to breastfeed or feed your baby correctly or even how to put him to sleep in your arms.

Almost 100% of new moms go through all these situations, and we call it “incompetent mother feelings.” Please don’t panic, because it’s completely normal and natural.

Motherhood is a new thing for you; not everyone can do new things immediately; it takes practice. After all, no one learned to ride a bike right away on their first ride; on the contrary, they probably hurt their nose during a rough fall. But gradually, everyone started to improve, and then they drove like clockwork.

The same applies to motherhood. No one will give you instructions on how to be a good mom, so you don’t have to be ashamed of your mistakes.

Give it Time

Caring for a baby takes time and patience. Believe that gradually you will begin to understand your child more, sense his needs, and everything will be more accessible for you. Don’t be hard on yourself; give your motherhood time to grow.

Read what your body has to deal with after Childbirth and how to cope with some of the traumas that the beginning may have brought. After Birth comes a period that some call the fourth trimester. And it is a beautiful period but also very demanding.

Don’t be Alone

Although you may feel guilty about not knowing how to soothe your baby, for example, don’t stress so much. Remember that you are always there, and your partner is probably dealing with the whole family. It’s a new situation for him too, and there’s no better therapy than dealing with it together.

At the same time, don’t be afraid to ask for help from, for example, your mother, grandmother or even an aunt. They already have children and will certainly advise you on what and how, and they are also pleased. They might pass on some important and valuable advice to help you in your motherly growth.

Motherhood and parenting, in general, is a significant responsibility, so don’t be ashamed of your mistakes; on the contrary, try to learn from them; that’s human, after all. You will see that you will be a great mom, and your child will thank you for your care and patience one day.

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