How to Make a Correct Evening Makeup

Evening makeup with glitter or natural is successful when it highlights your most beautiful features without turning you into someone else. It should look flawless in light or flash pictures and last even at dawn with a little tweaking. Sounds complicated? Well, it’s not! 

Any makeup style becomes simple, from smokey eyes to cat eyes, when you have the right tools and a little training. To make it even easier for you, in this guide, we have gathered some recommendations of some real legends in the field, such as Lisa Eldridge, Bobbi Brown, and Mario Dedivanovic. 

Read on, and you will find out how to make evening makeup for brown, green, or blue eyes and what products you need in the kit.

Difference Between a Day and Evening Makeup

Evening makeup is par excellence, more dramatic than a day makeup, and more creative. 

Whether you choose to accentuate your eyes, highlight your lips with intense red lipstick or contour your face with strategically placed lights and shadows, the possibilities are endless. 

At the same time, makeup can look completely different in natural light or artificial light. In both frames, you can use any products and colours you want, as long as you choose light textures and translucent shades for day makeup and keep the ones in saturated colors for evening events. 

That’s because the sun’s rays amplify everything, like a magnifying glass. Instead, you will need more contrast and color to stand out in the cold evening light. 

So you can create more complex looks in fancy combinations that would be too flashy for the day. Just keep in mind that a face loaded with too many layers of makeup might look perfect in Instagram photos, but not in real life. 

What you Need for a Special Evening Makeup

Whether you are going to a wedding, a date, or going out with friends, some essential elements will help you create any look and attract the party. 

  1. An eyelid primer and T-zone. It fills fine wrinkles, shrinks pores (only temporarily, unfortunately), and fixes other products. 
  2. Eye makeup products. A color palette, a dermatographia pencil, an eyeliner, mascara, and, possibly, a set of false eyelashes will allow you to make correct and elegant evening makeup. 
  3. A makeup base is a liquid, compact, or cushion foundation, and it evens the complexion and masks imperfections so that the rest of the applied products shine. 
  4. A liquid concealer for dark circles and a solid concealer for even more coverage, only in areas require it.
  5. One or more eyebrow products, from waxed pencils or ointments to long-lasting fixing powders and gels.
  6. A contouring product to “sculpt” your cheeks, nose, or jawline without undergoing painful surgery.
  7. A bronzer for a healthy and sun-kissed look, but without the harmful effects of a real tan.
  8. Blush in the shade suitable for your skin. It adds freshness to the skin and removes the signs of fatigue in the blink of an eye.
  9. With the help of which an illuminator to highlight the high points of the face would capture the light during the day.
  10. A lipstick and a statement lipstick or a neutral gloss make your smile stand out as it deserves.
  11. A powder or spray to fix the makeup so that you can have fun without worries until the morning.

Evening Makeup Ideas Depending on Eye Color

The textures, the colors, and the technique you use can make the difference between a successful makeup and one that leaves something to be desired. Whether you opt for two or three complementary shades or you want to recreate one of the famous rainbow looks on Instagram, all the applied products must blend harmoniously on your face. 

So, here are the colors to choose when making evening makeup for brown, green, or blue eyes. 

Evening Makeup for Brown Eyes

Suitable colors: Beautiful brown eyes are suitable for almost any color combination. But if you want to accentuate their expressiveness, rely on warm tones, such as different shades of bronze, copper, gold, or purple plum. They further highlight the yellowish or green pigments that brown eyes naturally have, giving extra sparkle to the whole look.

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Colors to Avoid: Earth tones, in shades too similar to your natural color, will give you a dull look instead of brightening your face. But if you want to go for nude evening makeup, choose brown ones that are as far from your eye color as possible. Chocolate, chestnut, and brown eyeshadows would be more suitable for light brown eyes, while pale ones would benefit more people with dark eyes.  

Evening Makeup for Green Eyes

Suitable Colors: The mysterious emerald eyes look gorgeous with warm tones and especially reddish undertones, which oppose the green and blue ones on the color wheel. Thus, shades of brown, copper, coral, pearl pink, purple, or magenta will pleasantly contrast green eyes. At the same time, they will accentuate their warmth and golden glitter. 

Colors to Avoid: With multicolored iridescence, this type of iris even changes its shade depending on the degree of brightness or the clothes you wear. That’s why almost any evening makeup for green eyes will look gorgeous in any setting. The only exception could be the silver pigments, with which green has a love-hate relationship. Eventually, do a test before wearing an evening makeup with silver glitter at an important event; see how it looks in the pictures.

Evening Makeup for Blue Eyes

Suitable Colors: Regardless of the shade, the blue of the eyes becomes even more charming when combined with a wide range of colors, from orange, pink, and navy blue to different shades of dark gray or black. Being lighter in color, blue eyes are suitable even for a brighter or brighter evening makeup, without the result seeming exaggerated.

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Avoid Colors: An elegant evening makeup in light shades of green or brown discreetly emphasizes the clarity of the blue eyes. But darker versions of these colors could “snatch” from their beauty instead of benefiting them. That’s because the blue iris does not have the golden-yellow pigments of brown eyes, which shine in combination with such rich and warm tones.

What Evening Makeup Suits You

If it is advisable to consider the color of the eyes when choosing your evening makeup, hair color does not play an equally important role. As long as it is carefully done and harmonizes with your eyes and skin, the makeup will look good with any hairstyle or shade of hair adornment. However, if you want to look crazy, not just good, here’s how to take things to the next level. 

Evening Makeup for Brunettes

Brunettes look cool when they focus on the beauty of their eyes, which are often dark in color, and opt for discreet lip and cheek makeup. But if you want to feel sexy, ruby ​​or cherry lipstick will look sensational in addition to the color of your hair. It is not for nothing that Megan Fox chooses such a look for the red carpet. 

Evening Makeup for Villagers

The brunettes look good with any combination of colors, whether they opt for light evening makeup or one with glitter. The undertone of the skin is rather the decisive factor in their case. Those with a cool undertone are especially suited to cool colors, such as a blush with a hint of pink. Instead, those with a warm or olive complexion look great when using peach and coral shades in their makeup.  

Evening Makeup for Redheads

Nude evening makeup is the ideal complement to this intense hair color. If your hair is rather cherry, choose neutral makeup products with a discreet shade of pink and red. And if it turns to copper, opt for makeup in warm shades of champagne and mahogany. Of course, if you want to make a sensation, a raspberry lipstick could be exactly what you need. 

Evening Makeup for Hair Dyed in Bright Pink and Purple

The more intense your hair color, the more restrained your eye makeup should be. In this case, a simple cat eye or a few pastel shades from the same family of colors would be enough to highlight your hair ornament. And if you want to get a modern look, don’t force the note and don’t match your lipstick with your hair color!

Evening Makeup for Blondes

Platinum hair is highlighted by makeup in cooler, lighter, or more pigmented colors. Avoid particularly intense chocolate shades, creating too much contrast with light hair and complexion. However, a discreet bronzer will give you extra shine, as if you have just returned from the beach. 

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