How to Whiten your Teeth at Home and What you Need for this

There are two ways to whiten teeth: in the dentist’s office or at home. The in-office procedure allows you to change the shade of the enamel by ten or more tones in one hour. To achieve this effect at home, it will take several weeks. Your dentist will help you determine which procedure is best for you.

Dental teeth whitening

The complexity of dental whitening lies in the fact that you need to prepare for the procedure in advance, and after it, you need to apply particular care. In addition, you need to pay attention to contraindications.

This procedure is carried out under the supervision of a physician. A professional service allows you to quickly change the shade of the teeth and affects not only the translucent enamel but also the dentin. Under an ultraviolet lamp, the molecules in the composition of special dental gels penetrate deep into the tooth’s hard tissue and whiten dark pigments.

In preparation for the procedure, professional oral hygiene is carried out in one to two weeks. Sometimes a dentist may prescribe a special paste or remineralizing gel to reduce tooth sensitivity and prepare the enamel. With more thorough pre-treatment, a personal mouth guard is made, which must be worn along with a strengthening composition.

Among the contraindications for dental whitening is the presence of fillings and other foreign structures on the frontal teeth. The cost of the procedure is 25 thousand rubles.

Diet after teeth whitening

After the teeth whitening procedure, you can not eat or drink for two hours, then for another two weeks, you need to follow a “transparent” diet and exclude colouring foods and drinks from the diet. It is also forbidden to use mouthwashes with chlorhexidine.

Teeth whitening at home

There are several ways to whiten your teeth at home.

Improvised means: Soda, lemon, and hydrogen peroxide. With their help, it is impossible to whiten your teeth by several tonnes. In addition, they can damage the enamel.

Whitening pastes, for example, with charcoal. Such products differ from conventional ones in the increased abrasiveness of particles, which remove plaque and slight pigmentation but do not clean deep enough to whiten teeth.

Ultrasonic, electric and manual brushes give the same effect. They clean your teeth well, but they can damage the gums if misused or with excessive pressure on the brush. They also do not whiten your teeth.

Whitening strips: These remedies can have a good effect, but they need to be chosen carefully since, after use, they may increase the sensitivity of the teeth or cause pain. It is essential to place the whitening strips on the tooth surface as evenly as possible.

Ready professional systems and gels: Means helps to choose a dentist. They act on dark pigments with hydrogen peroxide. Home remedies often contain a small amount of active substance, so they cannot penetrate the dentin without the help of ultraviolet light or laser radiation.

Home whitening systems with portable UV lamps. They are unsafe to use, and it is better to choose systems that do not require additional light emission.

What is gentle whitening with Global White?

Global White are products for daily home oral care. They provide correct, safe and effective teeth whitening.

All Global White whitening products are developed in collaboration with doctors and approved by the Russian Dental Association. Global White products contain ingredients that dentists use in professional procedures. The brand concept is based on the four steps of proper whitening: preparation, whitening, remineralization and daily care.

Preparing for whitening

At this stage, with the help of toothpaste and a brush, surface plaque is removed, and the teeth return to their natural colour. This is due to natural British silica, which is part of the Global White paste. It removes plaque without damaging the teeth and brightens them by one or two shades. Brushes with patented bristles in three hardness levels gently clean the enamel and prepare it for the even application of the whitening gel.


The main component of Global White bleaching products is hydrogen peroxide at a concentration of 6%. The gentle active substance penetrates the enamel and breaks down the dark pigment from the inside. At the same time, teeth can be lightened by five tones without subsequent teeth sensitivity due to potassium nitrate, which is part of the gel. Second-step products approved by the Russian Dental Association include:

Whitening system (toothpaste, whitening gel and retractor);

o Whitening gel in the form of a stick, which serves as a refill for the system;

o Whitening strips that adhere snugly to the teeth and do not restrict movement – this allows you to brighten the enamel and simultaneously go about your daily activities.


This is an obligatory stage of any whitening – both professional and home. On it, the enamel is strengthened with a special gel. Remineralizing gel Global White with a complex of minerals and fluorine restores the mineral balance of the teeth, reduces and prevents the sensitivity of the enamel and fixes the result of whitening.

Daily care

To prolong the whitening effect, it is necessary to use additional care products every day. Whitening foam, dental floss, mouthwash, and refreshing spray support the result of whitening, prevent the ingress of colouring pigments into the enamel and the formation of plaque, maintain oral health and freshen breath.

Advantages of the Global White system:

Whitening gels are the only ones on the market that have undergone clinical trials, and their effectiveness is confirmed by certificates.

Products take first place in the ratings of whitening products;

Products are marked with the approval mark of the Russian Dental Association (StAR);

The company conducts clinical trials proving the safety and effectiveness of the products, the absence of subsequent discomfort.

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