Minimalist Bedroom Tips – Bedroom With the Unique Appearance

Is your bedroom the source of unwanted clutter? Is said clutter causing you stress, or are you just looking for a change in design? 

Whatever your reasoning, a minimalist style bedroom has many benefits.

Follow these tips on minimalist bedroom design and get your place of rest back to a tranquil space for sleep or general relaxation. 


This is the first and probably the most important step to not only give your bedroom a minimalist style, but also to ensure it’a a place that relaxes and calms you. No room is relaxing when there’s stuff everywhere with no organisation.

The key is to be strict and in some cases relentless as to what you get rid of and what you keep. Think to yourself, when was the last time I used it, and do I absolutely need to keep it? If the answer to these is ages ago and not really, then get rid.

Before you know it you will have bags of clothing for charity shops, furniture to sell and more importantly, a decluttered bedroom.

Simple Furnishing 

So, you’ve decluttered. The key to keeping that decluttered energy is to not now fill the room back up with new furniture. Keep new purchases to only what you need on a day-to-day basis. 

A common misconception with minimalism is that the furniture and design you choose has to be plain, colourless with no character. So long as the space overall is kept simple, with no unnecessary objects disrupting the flow then there’s no reason why you can’t keep things vibrant.

One of these platform beds offers great variety in style and design, while maintaining simplicity and minimalism. A simple chest of drawers or wardrobe to match and furniture is ticked off. 

You’d be surprised at what you can survive without, so opt for one or the other and consider storing seasonal stuff in another room, whichever suits your lifestyle better. 


Unfortunately not all bedrooms are blessed with great natural light, but for those that are, make sure you utilise it as much as possible. Often, curtains aren’t absolutely essential, so if you can get rid then do so as they take up a lot of space and don’t do wonders for a minimalist aesthetic.

Instead consider shutters or very sheer curtains to maximise light and space in your room. If natural light is a finite commodity, opt for a corner lamp or single light fixture to keep clutter down to a minimum.

Colour Scheme

We mentioned earlier that there is no problem with adding colour to your minimalist layout. That being said, going mad with no coherency or theme will definitely have an adverse effect on your efforts to simplify.

To stay safe but add character, stick to neutral or natural colours throughout the room. This gives you plenty of scope for colour without being too loud or overbearing. 

Finishing Touches

Ideally your bedroom should be most of the way to its minimalist destination, but if you find it’s just a little too empty then there are options. Floating shelves are a classic minimalist approach, as there is no real structure cluttering up space but gives you somewhere to stack books and the odd trinket or heirloom.

Add to that some stylish shrubbery such as a potted banana plant in the corner and it lifts the room with colour while blending perfectly should you opt for a natural colour palette. A maximum of one art piece per wall can also add character all while keeping mind, body and soul as simplistic as possible. 

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