Nude Makeup For Different Types of Appearance

We understand, together with an expert, the basics of nude makeup and its options for different skin, hair, and eyes.

What is Nude Makeup

Nude makeup is makeup that is almost invisible on the face. Nude from English – “naked.” If bright options instantly draw attention to appearance, the task of the nude is to emphasize beauty so that others do not notice cosmetics. “Makeup without makeup” is designed to hide flaws and focus on the merits and individual characteristics. It looks as natural as possible while creating the “just woke up” look will take time and skills.

How to Choose Nude Makeup

Makeup without makeup focuses on the eyes, and lips remain neutral, so you will have to abandon trendy bright lipsticks. To select the best make-up options, makeup artists advise focusing on the color of the skin, eyes, and hair. Nude makeup can be different, depending on the color type.

For Blondes

If soft, light colors prevail in appearance, give up dark colors in makeup. It is better to choose pencils, eyeliner and mascara not in black, but in gray or brown. Shadows: peach, beige, reddish-lilac shades. You can use CC cream as a tonal foundation and choose mineral powder for the final touches. You can set accents with contouring and highlighters.

For Brunettes

Dark-haired girls need to pay attention to darker shades so that their face is not visually “lost.” Daytime nude makeup excludes deliberately highlighted accents like broad black arrows. Line your eyes with a dark brown pencil in the color of your hair, and style your eyebrows with gel—suitable brown, light pink shades, and options with a greenish tint. The basic rule remains the same: translucent layers without pronounced contrasts.

For brown-haired, fair-haired, and red-haired

Light shades are suitable for everyone, and it is essential to find your shade. For brown-haired women, these are champagne, beige, and apricot; focus on eye color. The lighter the color type, the more critical it is to choose pastel colors. Dark brown-haired and fair-haired women should work out and emphasize their eyebrows. For those with reddish hair and shimmering golden hues, you can try the trendy accent – freckles. They are applied with a pencil or glued to transfer tattoos. For an evening look, try replacing them with shimmer or glitter on the cheeks and bridge of the nose. 

Eye Color is Also Essential to Consider and Emphasize

  1. Blue eyes: peach, sand shades, all neutral shades of beige;
  2. Brown eyes: chocolate and light lilac shades, matte shadows;
  3. Green eyes: bronze and a red undertone of shadows;
  4. Gray eyes: pinkish shades of shadows that contrast favorably and emphasize depth.

Try using one product for all your makeup. For example, one cream-based product in a neutral soft pink shade can be used as blush, eye shadow, and lip gloss.

How To Do Nude Makeup

should carefully blend lines in nude makeup, and should apply foundation and shadow should apply foundation and shadow as thinly as possible. To create an image, you will need: 

  • The light foundation that does not build a mask effect;
  • Corrector or concealer to hide minor skin defects – acne, rashes, and dark circles under the eyes ;
  • Powder for finishing;
  • Translucent blush and contouring products of a suitable shade;
  • Eyebrow styling products;
  • Palettes of shadows that match your color type;
  • Pencil, liner, or eyeliner for fine lines along with the growth of the eyelashes;
  • Ink – black or brown;
  • Matching nude lipstick or lip gloss.

Vary the funds listed depending on individual needs: for some, it is essential to highlight the cheekbones and remove the cheeks; for others, it is crucial to focus on the eyebrows.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin as usual. If necessary, apply a primer that hides enlarged pores and allows decorative cosmetics to last longer.

  1. Use your chosen foundation. If the quality of the skin allows, you can refuse it or limit yourself to a light BB cream.
  2. Apply light shadows, for example, on a gel base. Try doing this with brushes or fingers.
  3. You can use slightly darker shades in the outer corners of the eyes and above the moving eyelid and apply light textures closer to the bridge of the nose and in the center of the eyelid.
  4. Run a dark pencil along with the space between the eyelashes to make the eyelashes look thicker.
  5. Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Choosing a product with a natural effect without gluing and excess volume is better.

Nude Makeup Ideas 2022

Nude makeup can be both daytime and evening. In the second case, it can add contrast, draw thin arrows, and use shadows with mother-of-pearl shimmer or sparkles. 

Light Daytime

The features of any day makeup are its lightness and neutrality. He does not tolerate bright colors and excessive amounts of cosmetics. Try to make the make-up as natural as possible. For light skin, choose pink and peach powders and blush; for dark and tanned skin, choose golden hues. Darken the outer corner of the eyes and complement the image with a highlighter. For lips, tint balms and light gloss without bright shimmer are suitable. Don’t use lipstick lighter than your natural lip color; this creates an unnatural contrast.

With Arrows

Thin, neat arrows can transform the look, making it more open and attractive. To create arrows in nude makeup, choose cosmetics that are convenient to use. Consider using gel liners, well-sharpened pencils, and a felt-tip eyeliner.


Contrary to stereotypes, smokey ice can even do smokey glaze in nude colors to look natural and beautiful. More textures are available for evening nude makeup, including glitter and pearl effect, dark shades, and decorative elements such as rhinestones and sequins. 

Make the accents on the eyes more pronounced and saturated, and add contouring with powder and highlighter, but do not overdo it, so you don’t get a mask effect.

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