Original Haircuts with Long Bangs that Suit Everyone
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Hairstyles with long bangs are suitable for any face and are good for any age. However, before going to the hairdresser, you must consider a few nuances.

Haircuts with long bangs emphasize individuality without requiring much time and effort for styling. We deal with the stylist and hairdresser, who should still refuse such a hairstyle and how to style their hair correctly.

What is an elongated bang?

Long bangs are suitable for any hair – short, medium or long. The haircut stands out for its versatility and allows you to perform a variety of styling options.

The 1970s are in trend today, meaning all kinds of interpretations of bangs. For example, bangs below the bridge of the nose, with contrasting shortened side strands. I advise you to cut bangs on dry hair, and then there will be no surprises; you will immediately see its final length.

They cut the bangs either in one grip or by pulling the strands to the centre line of the face so that the hair diverges for lengthening. Accordingly, the charges can be either a single unit with the hairstyle or separate. In the latter case, when the hair is collected in a hairstyle, the bangs stand out favourably.

Now the trend is long hair with bangs cut separately. Hairdressers sometimes call such bangs curtains. The bangs are cut from the centre to the edges with a slight elongation. It is fashionable to wear such bangs on two sides of a straight or side parting.

Who suits the elongated bangs?

For elongated bangs, the colour and texture of the hair do not matter. It suits absolutely everyone. But there will be nuances in styling depending on the proportions of the face. For example, a classic triangular look can have a big nose, which will need to be considered when deciding on an elongated bang.

The hair should have at least a slight curl in terms of texture. On absolutely straight and not very thick hair, the elongated bangs turn into two straight strands, which is not very beautiful.

In addition, according to experts, the following nuances should be taken into account:

For girls with a square face shape and pronounced cheekbones, an elongated bang will help visually stretch the face by removing the volume on the sides. The right haircut choice will be an oblique or extended bob, graduated short haircut or long flowing curls.

If they want to balance the proportions, girls with a round face should visually stretch it, and a long bang will do just fine with this – to the middle of the ear or to the lower cheekbone.

An elongated bang for girls with a high forehead or narrow chin will help make the proportions of the face more harmonious.

Who should not make an elongated bang

In some cases, you should be more careful about choosing an elongated bang or, after weighing all the pros and cons, completely abandon it. For example, if you have curly hair or tight, unruly curls that are difficult to style.

Haircuts with long bangs: seven options

1. Bob with long bangs

The classic bob is a voluminous nape, elongating strands to the face and an open neck. The haircut is suitable for any face, both straight and wavy hair. If you add elongated torn or oblique bangs to the bob, you get a mischievous look from the 1970s.

2. Pixie with elongated torn or oblique bangs

A fairy with a short cut at the back of the head and around the ears but with longer strands at the crown and front goes well with long bangs that can be combed to the side, pinned up with a hairpin, and pulled back. New day, a new look. It is especially worth paying attention to this option for owners of rectangular faces and broad foreheads, for whom long bangs will help smooth out facial features.

3. Kare with oblique elongated bangs to the cheekbones

This is an ageless classic that is suitable for any face proportions. A square on the shoulders will perfectly complement straight or multi-layer elongated bangs. Casually falling obliquely to one side will help create an airy, dreamy look.

4. Mallet with long bangs

A hairstyle mallet is more suitable for owners of wavy hair. The bonus of this haircut is that it does not require styling. The main rule is that the back strands are elongated and shorter in front and on the sides. You can experiment with bangs, make it side, torn or even.

5. French bangs “under Bordeaux.”

This bang starts from the middle of the crown. It can be combined with medium-length hair or with strands below the shoulders. The length usually reaches the eyebrows. Bridget Bordeaux introduced the fashion for such a hairstyle, and since then, many artists have tried this image from time to time.

6. Cascade or ladder with elongated bangs

Cascade is a haircut with short curls at the crown and long at the neck. The transitions between the cut layers should be smooth, and the bangs-curtain will be an ideal complement for a free haircut. Her trick is that she opens her forehead and gives the image playfulness.

7. Hair of the same length with bangs to the cheekbones and parting in the centre

Long bangs to the cheekbones with a straight parting look perfect in contrast with the hair of one length below the shoulders. You can wear a haircut as part of complex hairstyles and in a regular tail. The bangs, in this case, will look apart and very impressive.

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