Signs of Illness the Cracked or Itchy Hells Can Give

The discomfort of itchy feet could indicate a severe problem with one of your vital organs. Find out what other signs of illness the feet can give!

The liver is one of the critical, vital organs. It’s responsible for maintaining essential functions in the body. Since it doesn’t show pain when it’s not working well, it gives other symptoms you might overlook. The liver eliminates toxins and turns food into energy, so liver damage can create serious health problems.

The symptoms given by the legs can indicate certain diseases that must be detected in time.

Itchy feet

When the bile is thickened, it can cause symptoms such as itching. Bile returns to the liver, then into the blood. From the blood, the bitterness goes back into the tissues, which can cause itching. I know some people with excruciatingly itchy feet that drive them crazy all night. Still, they don’t make the connection to the liver. The problem is not in the legs but in the liver. But it can also be a foot fungus. People with liver problems have more fungal infections, not only on the skin of the feet but also on the toenails.”

Cracked heels

Cracked heels are a sign of severe Omega-3 deficiency. The liver produces bile, which helps the body break down and assimilate fat-soluble vitamins, like the fat-soluble nutrients Omega-3 fatty acids. When the liver does not function as it should, it does not produce the amount of bile required to extract Omega-3 fatty acids from food.


Veins that become visible, like a spider’s web, can also signal problems with the liver. In this situation, the liver can no longer regulate estrogen, so there is an excessive amount of estrogen in the body, and the estrogen tends to vasodilate and create varicose veins. Excess estrogen can damage the liver, leading to fatty liver and bile duct problems, which could lead to gallstones.

Red or brown spots

A sign associated with diabetes, brown or reddish spots on the legs, can also indicate liver problems. In cirrhosis, hepatitis, or severe fatty liver, circulation is so poor in the lower body that small red or brown spots that look like bruises can be seen. The liver influences the coagulation and absorption of vitamin K. When it stops working correctly, it can cause defects in different body parts, especially on the legs.

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