The Trend of the 90s: Brown Eyeliner Returns Now

The lips are one of the most attractive areas of the face, and many women resort to aesthetic medicine to improve them. But there is a makeup trick that was successful in the 90s and is perfect for increasing the thickness of the lips or correcting asymmetries without undergoing Treatment. 

This is brown eyeliner, a cosmetic that has been banished from the toiletry bag for years. In fashion, as in beauty, trends are cyclical, and now, according to social networks, some celebrities, and makeup experts, the brown lip liner is back.

Outlining the lips before applying makeup is a solution many makeup artists use to define them and achieve a more beautiful result. The usual thing is to use a pencil of a tone similar to lipstick. 

However, you can also choose the brown eyeliner that, in the 90s, was a real boom. Jennifer Lopez, Rosalia, Ana Mena, Hailey Bieber, and the Kardashian sisters are some of the celebrities who have brought this cosmetic back.

The make-up artist Cristina Lobato clarifies that they will not use it as in the 90s. Will no longer outline the lips will no longer outline lips in such an exaggerated way as in the 90s, but the trend will be to create a more subtle shading until integrating it into the nude color of the lipstick. 

We must not forget that, for years, naturalness has dominated makeup and that the nineties trend is not precisely very natural.

How to Use Brown Eyeliner

To achieve perfect makeup using the brown lip liner, but without falling into the excess of the 90s, the makeup artist Cristina Lobato recommends using, before applying makeup, a lip ‘primer.’ However, the lip liner helps a lot to fix the makeup. 

The lips are outlined from the corners towards the central part, adding a few millimeters in the corners, and when raising towards the central region, the outline is naturalized. 

At this point, the lip’s natural line is marked with the lip liner. So that it does not look too artificial, the brown outline is blurred towards the inside of the lip. It is advisable to choose a shade of lipstick that is a little lighter than the lip liner but at the same time is very natural so that there is not so much contrast.

The most important thing, according to the expert, is to avoid too much contrast between the liner and the lipstick, which was common in the 90s. 

This trick, which could become one of the most outstanding makeup trends of the fall, helps enlarge the mouth, providing greater volume to the lips.

Jennifer Lopez and Rosalia are some celebrities who use this makeup trick to enhance their lips.

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