Top Eight Things to Expect Following a Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical operation that eliminates fat from particular body parts using a suction method. Liposuction can be performed to get rid of fat and shape the buttocks, belly, thighs, neck, arms, and hips. A tummy tuck is an excellent option if a significant amount of fat is primarily located within the abdomen area. A tummy tuck eliminates extra fat and skin and strengthens weakening abdominal muscles. On the other hand, Liposuction targets fat in other areas, including the abdomen.

Before a liposuction surgery, your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect following the procedure. However, there are typical misunderstandings about what to anticipate. Liposuction is a cosmetic procedure, and it, like any other surgical surgery, takes time to heal before you can return to total health. The following are the eight most important things to expect after liposuction.

1. You are Not Exempt to Gaining Weight

It’s easy to believe that you can eat whatever you want after liposuction. However, this is not the case! Although fat does not renew, this does not imply that more calories will melt away. As always, your food and exercise plan will determine your weight.

2. Bruises Will Vanish With Time

Many patients observe noticeable scarring where the incision was made. Incisions are often done in hidden places so that most people won’t even tell that a scar is even present. The scars will eventually fade over time, although it will take some time. Following your surgeon’s instructions is critical because it will help determine how long the scarring will appear. Also, avoid the sun as much as possible. Too much sun can slow down the healing process.

3. Your Skin Will Gradually Recede

Once the fat is eliminated via liposuction, the formerly stretched skin can feel slightly slack. Eventually, loose skin will gradually shrink. So keep in mind that the benefits of the procedure combined with a skin-tightening treatment will not be instant. They will, however, encourage the production of collagen. Collagen will cause the skin to become more supple, although the complete results may take three months.

4. You Will Not Instantly Recover

You will not return to normal after just a few days. This is because your body is still recovering, although you will not be able to notice it. For the following few weeks, you’ll only be able to do minimal exercises. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you the okay when confident that your body is ready. Two weeks is a general guideline, but certain people – particularly the elderly – may require more time. So it’s critical to keep your post-surgical appointments.

5. You, Will, Have Additional Appointments

Even though the liposuction procedure may be complete, you will have several follow-up visits with your surgeon. To permit your surgeon to evaluate the incision site and guarantee adequate healing, you’ll need to return the following day. In most cases, you’ll have a follow-up appointment within 14 days and another one a few months later. However, some surgeons may necessitate more follow-up visits depending on your location.

6. Drainage Will Occur At Your Incision Site

After liposuction surgery, you’ll have drainage from the site where the incision was made for at least two days. This is why you shouldn’t return to your regular activities too soon. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you medical tape and gauze, and they will need to be replaced frequently for a few days. The incisions are generally repaired without the need for stitches, and however, it may require one stitch in some circumstances.

7. You Will Experience Pain

Some people will not experience pain after surgery, while others will. It’s crucial to understand that discomfort following a liposuction operation is common and not always indicative of a problem. Patients typically are prescribed pain medicine, which they can fill if necessary, following the treatment, and this guarantees that they have immediate accessibility to pain relief if required.

8. Swelling Will Occur

Swelling is very normal and, to be anticipated. Initially, you may not notice the results you expected due to fluid buildup in the incision site. However, be patient because you will see results after about two months.

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