Trends that are Worn in the Autumn-Winter Season
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We know it can get exhausting to keep up with the trends every year, but don’t worry; we’re here to help! We have selected the most important but affordable trends of the autumn-winter 2022 season to give you an idea of ​​what is worn at the end of the year. 

This season has everything from low-waisted pants to leather, platform shoes, fuchsia pieces, and more to satisfy even the most fashionistas. 

Whether you need to renew your wardrobe or are just looking for new outfit ideas, before shopping in the mall, look at the list of fashion trends in 2022

Find out what’s trending in clothes, dresses, accessories and colours. Hence, you know what to expect to see on the street and on your favourite Instagram influencers in the coming months, but also after you browse the stores.

1. Leather goods, head to toe

We are talking about ecological or vegan leather, of course! But, certainly, leather is also fashionable in this autumn-winter season. More and more designers have included them in their collections, from skirts to jackets, shirts or trousers. And the truth is that looking at the catwalks’ images, leather is really a very chic trend. 

Look for versatile pieces, such as oversized jackets or long skirts that will bring a breath of fresh air to your wardrobe this season. You will get perfect outfits, only good to wear on a date or a cocktail party. And if you want to be extra, don’t forget to add a pair of shoes from the same material to have a head-to-toe leather outfit!

2. The 2000s are making a comeback in various pieces, textures and colours

The fashion of the 2000s returns in various forms, where low-waisted or cargo pants, mini skirts, crop tops, satin, leather or mesh items are again in great demand. Bright colours and opulent accessories are just some details we’ll see in this year’s fall-winter season. 

Although the Y2K style is more suitable for parties, outings or strange events, you can also integrate it into everyday outfits. You can opt for a pair of cargo jeans, a fluffy sweatshirt and sneakers, and you’re ready for a shopping session or an outing to the corner cafe with your girlfriends!

3. Denim on denim

 A classic trend that is making waves again 20 years after Britney and Justin made history with their denim outfits worn at the 2001 American Music Awards, the all-time star material seems to dominate the catwalks even in this year’s autumn-winter season. 

In 2022, you too can have iconic moments wearing head-to-toe denim, from pants to skirts, shirts, jackets, bustiers, bags and even shoes! Such an outfit can be comfortable. Experiment and combine denim with bright accessories or a pair of western boots, which are so vogue this season! And if you want an outfit with smart-casual notes, don’t forget to complement a maxi chain necklace and a shirt, which go great with a pair of high-heeled shoes.   

4. The suit: feminine style with masculine power

Indeed, the suit is not exactly new on the fashion scene. Still, where in the past it was all about casual suits and those with classic prints, the autumn-winter 2022 collections bring the power suit into the spotlight. That masculine-influenced suit is designed to inspire confidence in any situation. 

We see oversized jackets with oversized shoulders, with wild prints or in electric colours, combined with both skirts and trousers. The pants vary from the classic slacks to the wide ones that elongate the figure. 

The colours are striking: fuchsia, lilac, lime green, canary yellow or even bright blue. In addition, three-piece suits are now in vogue, so don’t hesitate to add the classic jacket and waistcoat suit to your wardrobe. In addition to elegance and seriousness, you will exude confidence through every pore. 

Opt for a suit in pastel shades to achieve a more temperate outfit, suitable for business meetings. And if you want to steal all the eyes when you go to an event or a themed party, don’t forget to add a pair of platform shoes with thick heels to your outfit in the same colour. You will get an outfit ripped from fashion magazines!

5. Striped sweaters – oldies but goldies

Classic but always up-to-date striped sweaters return to the top of fashion trends in 2022. Cosy but at the same time easy to integrate into office outfits, striped sweaters in different colours remain the best alternative on cold winter days. 

Whether you prefer puffy sleeves or oversized, streetwear-inspired sweaters, they can be paired with almost anything in your fall-winter wardrobe, whether leather, denim, skirts or jeans. Being very versatile and easy to mix and match, it is enough to replace the western boots with a pair of platform shoes and the jeans with a long leather skirt to transform a relaxed outfit into one with elegant valances.

6. The bomber jacket, a timeless vintage piece

The aviator jacket is undoubtedly that piece that never goes out of style, and the latest fashion trends only confirm this statement. Cool and very comfortable, the bomber jacket can be worn regardless of the occasion, whether you’re going shopping, out on the town with friends or at work. 

In 2022, the big fashion houses have integrated these bomber jackets with a twist even into slightly more elegant outfits, where long-heeled boots are the main accessory.

If you want to integrate the aviator jacket into an out-of-the-box autumn outfit, then opt for leather trousers or a maxi skirt matched with a pair of heels or penny loafers. With such an outfit, you will not only be in tune with fashion but also attract many looks and compliments.

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