An Expert Advice: Ways to Improve Skin Quality

In addition to the natural loss of collagen, the firmness and elasticity of the skin are affected by lifestyle. Ekaterina Hincu, the leading specialist of the Cosmolab clinic, tells what procedures can help improve skin condition.

Age, bad habits, lifestyle, climatic and professional conditions, past illnesses – all this affects the condition of the skin of both the face and body. Dehydration and flabbiness appear, and wrinkles and creases appear. The main reason is that the production of collagen, or, as it is also called, the protein of youth, is reduced. 

To improve the appearance and make the skin again toned and smooth, it is necessary to fully compensate for existing deficiencies, restore hydro balance and renew the collagen matrix.

There are several all-season techniques that not only enhance the impact of each other but also allow you to prolong the result.

Collagen Therapy

Today, to improve skin elasticity, many specialists perform procedures using preparations with collagen. In this case, the drug saturates the tissues with the primary biological resources for forming new collagen. As a result, the structure is restored, regeneration is accelerated, the skin thickens, and the severity of scars and post-acne decreases. The procedure is used for photoaging, loss of elasticity, and correction of scars. This method allows you to comprehensively solve several problems at once:

  • Moisturizing
  • Lift
  • Deep restoration of the skin

As a rule, the course includes three to five procedures (depending on the chosen drug) with an interval of once every 14 days. The effect lasts up to 18 months, depending on individual characteristics.

Contour Plastic

To improve skin elasticity, the clinic performs bio-reinforcement with a preparation based on polylactic acid. It is a fully biocompatible hypoallergenic component, so the risk of rejection and complications is minimal. As a rule, this injectable stimulator of the natural production of collagen is used for severe sagging of the face, neck, décolleté, and hands. The main advantage is the active stimulation of the growth of new collagen fibers. Once in the correction zone, the particles of polylactic acid immediately start the process of tissue renewal. Visually, this is shown:

  • In improving the general condition;
  • Replenishment of the lost volume;
  • Smoothing wrinkles;
  • Post-acne correction.

Bioreinforcement gives a prolonged result. Depending on the individual characteristics, it lasts up to two years. The method is combined with hardware, thread, and injection techniques.

Laser Rejuvenation

A neodymium rejuvenation hardware technique is suitable to even out skin tone and increase density. The neodymium beam does not injure tissues, meaning there are no visible traces of hardware exposure. In doing so, this procedure will help to solve several problems:

  • Wrinkles, sagging;
  • Pigmentation;
  • Acne, post-acne.

The device controls a beam that warms up the deep layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. As a result, remodeling starts the renewal of the collagen matrix. Laser rejuvenation can be combined with revitalization and collagen therapy, enhancing the lifting effect.

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