What Methods Do Women Choose to Remove Unwanted Hair

Even though there are a lot of solutions for removing unwanted hair, when it comes to doing so, women have apparent preferences and prove consistency.

Several elements underlie these choices, and the most important is the time they can allocate for the cosmetic procedure, the costs involved, and the efficiency of the chosen solution. A substantial bonus receives the key that can apply in the house’s privacy, but also the one that suits the skin type.

Fast – Excellent, and Efficient

The method most used by women and considered ideal is the one that can be done quickly, in the comfort of home, whenever necessary. Another element that matters and which women attach great importance to is the result of this cosmetic procedure.

An electric epilator best meets the requirements. The benefits of this hair removal method are those that make this method the most used solution and the one that most women prefer. In addition to the fact that hair removal is fast and effective, such a reliable, safe, and easy-to-use device can provide good skin for a long time. In addition, used constantly, it causes a noticeable reduction of hairs over time.

On the list of benefits is that it is among the most accessible and safe methods in terms of hygiene and produces minimal discomfort; it is easily tolerable. In addition, an electric epilator solves all areas of unwanted hair with equal efficiency, starting with the bikini line, arms, and legs and ending with the armpit area, regardless of the length or thickness of the hair to be removed.

Fast, But With Risks

Another method used is the razor blade. Women choose to use this unwanted hair removal solution, especially for the legs and armpits, but they hesitate, and, ideally, they do so to use the blade for the groin, thighs, or arms. The main reason is the risk of injury and the occurrence of irritation or folliculitis. Another disadvantage is that the number of hairs that grow under the skin after epilation with the blade is always very high. Last but not least, the hair reappears the next day.

The only significant advantages are the speed of the operation, and the good results obtained immediately. It could also take into account that no matter the length and thickness of the hair, used with the utmost care, and this method also exfoliates the skin.

Painful and Complicated But Lasting

This is the complex solution for removing excess hair, namely wax. The disadvantages are related to the procedure itself, which is painful, even for those who have used the method before and know what to expect, and the need to go to a beauty salon, which involves allocating a larger budget and related costs. Waxing can also be done at home, but it is uncomfortable, and the results are far below expectations.

For the operation to be successful, the hairs to be removed must be at least 0.5 mm long, which means that you must wear pants for a few days before going to the salon. Another disadvantage is the risk of superficial burns and irritations.

The primary benefit, which makes this method quite popular, is the elimination of unwanted strands for a long time and the ability to use wax in any area to be epilated, from the thighs and legs to the groin, armpit, and arms, including the threads that appear above the upper lip.

A milder alternative is to use sugar paste. It is about as effective, less painful, and without the risk of burns or irritation. However, the method is not very popular.

There are also permanent epilation procedures, with intense pulsed light, with excellent results, but until the genuinely remarkable ones are obtained, several sessions and an interval of 5-8 weeks are required.

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