10 Basic Boxing Tips for Beginners | Sport to maintain Fitness

Boxing is one of the top sports that can keep a person fit and healthy. It makes your body strong as well as your brain. Boxing improves your mental and physical abilities, e.g., speed, mobility, proactiveness, attention span, vision, etc.

If you’re new to boxing, here are some best basic boxing tips for beginners:

1. Throw perfect punches 

Most beginners make the same mistake, i.e., throw punches with their full strength, which isn’t necessary all the time. Punches depend on conditions, and sometimes you’ve to throw light punches, and sometimes hard. Usually, the punches thrown with full strength are knockout punches, and they’re used as the final punch. So, it’s recommended for beginners to throw light and sharp punches for their practice on a punching bag. Light punches can help you train longer and drain less of your energy.

2. Keep drinking water

Boxing is a tough sport, and it sweats your body too much, causing dehydration. To overcome this deficiency, you must keep drinking water to maintain your health. Please don’t drink too much water at once; keep drinking it in gaps. This will help you remain hydrated, and you won’t get a heavy stomach full of water.

3. Make your punch combinations shorter.

It’s good to keep your punch combinations short. If you go for a larger number of punches in a combination, this can decrease their quality and drain your energy in a short period. So, it’s suggested to throw fewer punches but perform well.

4. Learn more

Learning is an ongoing process, so keep learning about improving your boxing style, techniques, etc. The more you learn, the more your boxing will improve. We suggest you watch videos of some great boxers and the techniques they use in their matches.

5. Breathe in the correct way

Having your breath under control sharpens your cognitive abilities, ensuring you stay alert to your opponent’s every move and every strategy you need to come up with to beat them in a match.

6. Gradually start working hard.

Boxing requires a lot of workouts, but you should do it slowly and gradually. When you are a beginner, you need to do a light workout, but it’s necessary to start working hard over time. We suggest you hit a punching bag until you feel tired, but not to punch too much so that you get yourself unhealthy. Maintain a balance and also, if possible, hire a trainer for you who can guide you on how to do your workout.

7. Learn correct boxing stances

It’s one of the most important things to learn the correct boxing stances for becoming a good boxer. Adopting the proper boxing stances can help you hit harder, applying less energy. They also help improve your defenses, mobility, balance, etc. We suggest you take proper tutorials to learn these stances.

8. Maintain consistency

In boxing, consistency matters a lot for becoming a successful boxer. People often do hard work but give up too early. This leads them to fail in becoming boxing champions. So be consistent, and keep practicing if you want to become an expert boxer.

9. Be more focused

Boxing is a sport where you must be very focused and careful. If you’re in a fight, you have to dodge your opponent’s punches and throw your punches ‌accurately. So for this, it’s mandatory to improve your focus. This skill will help you defend yourself from your opponent and observe their weaknesses and strengths. And this can further allow you to develop better strategies to beat them because you’re alert to each of their moves.

10. Use good-quality leather gloves and a punching bag.

It’s recommended to use the best quality leather gloves and a punching bag for your boxing practice. Human fingers are very sensitive; it’s mandatory to wear thick boxing gloves to prevent injury.

The quality of a punching bag also matters a lot because when we hit it with our full strength, there’s a chance that it may get damaged. To eliminate this issue, try to invest in high-quality leather punching bags that are more durable and long-lasting.

These were some basic boxing tips for beginners. If you’re someone from Pakistan and looking for the best quality boxing products, you may look into the variety provided by Elite Leather.

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