4 Ways to Wear Sneakers to Work For Women’s

I’ve always had conflicting feelings about wearing sneakers to the office, where a dress code is sometimes essential. Sneakers are generally relaxed and comfortable. However, why do we feel embarrassed when wearing a pair of women’s sneakers?

Fortunately, times have changed. These days, sneakers are at the top in many offices – and they are no longer the only sports shoes. From managers to new employees, everyone wears them not only because they leave the office at 18:00, but rather purposefully and intentionally.

Of course, it depends on who you are and where you work; corporate lawyers and public employees will most likely stick to formal footwear. But in startups and more creative fields, sneakers are a fair game, as long as they are worn properly. So what office outfits can we wear sneakers for?

With a Full Suit

There are many ways to wear a suit with pants without looking weird, but sneakers are the most fun and carefree shoes. If you are a manager who wants to balance authority with accessibility, easily match the outfit with a new pair of sneakers. 

Just make sure the suit is tailored and beware of fancy blouses (with too many buttons). Complete the look with strong accessories and bright lipstick – and you’ll look perfect for the office.

With Wide Pants

Inspired by the 1970s, Parisian style – matching white sneakers with elegant and flared pants is an ideal combination. The combo doesn’t take itself too seriously, but the clean lines and ample blackness add gravity. 

Wear this outfit with confidence and make sure that your pants are tailored for flat-soled shoes like sneakers because there is nothing less professional than making cuffs on your office pants or dragging them on the floor. 

Keeping the colors dark and monochrome (aka all business) anchors the look and gives you an air of mystery. We are already intrigued.

With a Dress

A midi or maxi length dress can look great on a Monday morning – too long, too worn, or too formal, depending on the style and size. Not so with the addition of sneakers. 

They counteract any sensation of excessive clothing, striking the perfect balance between too much and too little. In addition, because clean sneakers, in a neutral shade, do not compete for attention, you can wear them with intricate, floral prints and bold colors. White sneakers are the new essential element that fits perfectly.

With a Skirt

If you work in a creative environment or want to make the most of a Friday, opt for a sporty combination of sneakers and a skirt. This look gets a plus with a soft, oversized sweater. 

While sneakers might look different with a pencil skirt and a structured blazer, the combination with a casual knitted top makes sneakers look at home. Another bonus: this combo switches to happy hour or weekend mode.

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