Find Some Sky In Your Jewelry Collection With Tanzanites

Who doesn’t want to look good and wear expensives. Every person out there wants to shine bright like a sun and for that all the people add jewels into them. Jewelries and accessories add up beauty to your look. Every day thousands of men and women buy various types of jewelry, be it fashion or precious. We like diamond, gold, platinum, sapphires and what not, to add to our jewelry box. Though sometimes we step back because we are unable to afford it. Sometimes we buy jewelry according to the dresses we wear. It can be a party dress, office dress or a meeting dress. We pair up with them efficiently. In this article we will look at the famous and beautiful gemstones, Tanzanite. Gemstones are the beautiful cut outs of the rocks. Different gemstones have different values and qualities. We will know about the Tanzanite stone in a proper manner.

Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite, which belongs to the epidote mineral group, is a mineral variety of zoisite which are blue and purple in color. Their color is formed from the presence of Vanadium. It is found in the small mining place of Tanzania near the Mererani Hills. It is said to be the most beautiful stone by Tiffany and Co, the popular jewelry firm. It is the most beautiful and rarest of gemstones. 

It has various health benefits such as:

  1. Cures skin disorders
  2. Reduces sore throat and lungs issues
  3. Treats disorder in eyes and ears
  4. Boosts immune system
  5. Detoxification

Let’s know about a few Tanzanite stone embedded jewelries.


This December birthstone is what you will be wanting in your jewelry box. These are vivid, sparkling and classy. The different colors support different meanings. The violet color says the meaning of majesty. It is said that as the color gets darker it shows the loyalty for its rich colors. You should buy at least one Tanzanite Ring or any other jewelry. 

  • Tanzanite Ring with Zircon Stone on Platinum over Silver Sterling
Tanzanite Ring

Let your finger have some styling with the beautiful design of Tanzanite rings. The ring integrating with white Zircon is making it much more appealing and graceful. The infinity design of the ring is adding beauty to the beauty. This means a lot of things, maybe some infinitives you are having in your mind! This ring will shine your character and beauty. 

  • Tanzanite on Gold Band
Tanzanite on Gold Band

This is the gold beauty, a spell bounding design you must have in your bag. This is fancy and classic. The purple is blooming above the gold band giving your finger a perfect shine to your wear. Adding this precious item to your jewelry collection is one benefit for you, for your health and beauty. 


The stone of dream accomplice is way too adorable. It is said that it makes all your dreams true. As we discussed the purple color, the blue Tanzanite color represents heart, intellectuality, purity and dignity. You must have a few blue Tanzanite pendants in your collection. 

  • Blue Tanzanite Eternity Pendant
Blue Tanzanite Eternity Pendant

Want some precious gemstones with a fashion touch on it? Check out this fashionable yet precious gemstone pendant. This Tanzanite circle pendant symbolizes eternity and perfection. This is the perfect piece for your collection and the bat part is it is matched with any outfit. 

  • Tanzanite Whole Stone in Silver Sterling
Tanzanite Whole Stone in Silver Sterling

What is more enticing than to look at the whole Tanzanite cut out with curved silver sterling on it. This is very realistic which will enhance your look with classiness and newness. Do buy this piece and add a twist to your box.


The tanzanite jewelry is beautiful in itself apart from being rare. The stone is unique in itself because of its multidimensional display of colors. That is when you see the stone from different angles you will see three different colors from the directions. You will be able to see red, blue or purple. This is known as trichroic. Let’s look at some Tanzanite jewelry. 

  • Rough Cut Out of Tanzanite
Rough Cut Out of Tanzanite

Feel the nature through these beautifully carved Tanzanite earrings. It is the virgin form of the stone. One rough Cut out is joined by another properly shaped Tanzanite which is making it more beautiful. This dangle earring is all you want in your wardrobe. You can match it up with any outfit in your wardrobe. 

  • Tanzanite Double Row Bracelet

A forever masterpiece you can have. This clear two row tennis bracelet incorporates class and trendy look together at one point. This tennis bracelet has radiant texture and glowing attributes. The Marquise shaped gemstone takes away much attention. You make sure that you don’t miss the absolute piece.  

  • Flower Tanzanite Bracelet
Flower Tanzanite Bracelet

This Tanzanite bangle bracelet is Inspired from blue flowers to present beauty, grace, elegance to your jewelry collection. The band is of platinum plates silver sterling. The bangle is embedded with Marquise and round shaped Tanzanite Stones placed in a proper format. You can add this beautiful Tanzanite bangle with any outfit of your choice. The floral beauty will add ethnicity to your wardrobe. 

  • Tanzanite Stud Earring over Platinum

These Tanzanite stud earrings are something you want to have. These earrings are inspired from blue poppy flowers. It adds a very minimal look to your outfit. But, the effect or beauty of these earrings will enhance your beauty. You can pair this up with any outfit in your wardrobe.  


The above article will now help you to choose the appropriate Tanzanite jewelry. The tanzanite stone which is of various health helps and adds charm to your beauty.

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