5 Mistakes You Make at Breakfast, What You Need to Eat?

Consisting of protein, healthy fats, and fiber, you have all the chances to have a productive day full of energy. Moreover, there is no risk of overeating if you have already taken a portion of foods full of nutrients from the first part of the day.

But time presses us all, and it is increasingly difficult for us to allocate the necessary wonders to compose the ideal mass. However, it is something we can all change to have a day full of energy. What mistakes do we make?  

1. Skip the Breakfast

Many say that they are not hungry in the first hours of the day. Still, if we want to keep our hormone levels at optimal levels, we need to eat something anyway – at least a handful of nuts or dried fruit (no added sugar, obviously) or a tablespoon of almonds or peanut butter. All these examples of food are full of protein and fat, which will make you not feel hungry for a long time. Besides, you don’t cook anything for such a breakfast on the run, and it’s ready!

2. Choose Something Sweet

It is pretty standard for us to eat cereal with yogurt or pancakes for breakfast and what else we find good in the kitchen. The more sugar you eat from the start, the sharper your energy level will drop, and you’ll be sluggish in the middle of the day. Oats, for example, are preferred, Parmesan cheese, also avocado combined with Greek yogurt, and a few slices of castrating and pieces of tomatoes. What do you say, you don’t feel like it?

3. Eat too Many Carbohydrates

If you eat a slice of toast or a pretzel with a bit of butter or jam, it will not give you anything from a nutritional point of view, but it will make you hungry in just one hour. A la carte breakfast combines protein with high-fiber foods. That is the eggs with vegetables, the Greek yogurt with fruits, the nuts, and the seeds you have at your disposal. It’s the ideal way to maintain your average blood sugar and satiety.   

4. Rely Only on Eggs as a Source of Protein

The omelet is lovely, but it can’t be your everyday choice. Try to add more nuts and seeds, such as chia, in the day’s first meal. You can also opt for a more specific meal for lunch, such as a piece of grilled chicken combined with avocado and tomato on a slice of wholemeal bread. How is it? Does such a sandwich make you smile?

5. Don’t Drink Enough Water in the Morning

Coffee is a priority, we know! But it is just as essential to give our body the fluid it needs after a long, dry night. One of the most beneficial things you can do for your body is drink a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach, preferably with lemon. Sometimes thirst deceives us into thinking we are hungry, but if you get hydrated from the first hour of the day, this is less and less possible.

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