5 Most Guaranteed and Clear Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a huge hormonal change for a woman. It is said that women somehow recognize something is different and sense their possible pregnancy. Of course, you cannot rely only on this feeling of intuition, so we have prepared 5 clear signs of pregnancy that cannot be overlooked.


A delayed period is one of the main signs that something is different in your body. If you have always had a regular menstrual cycle and suddenly your period is late, this could be a clear sign of pregnancy.

However, if your period is two days late, it does not mean you are automatically pregnant; this should be considered. If the delay lasts two to four days, this is not unusual. It could be excessive stress or a significant life change (moving, wedding). These factors can also affect menstruation.

If you are not sure, you can take a pregnancy test at this stage to be sure. However, if the delayed period continues, we recommend you visit your gynecologist for an ultrasound and find out the cause. It can be, for example, a cyst on the ovaries, which often affects delayed menstruation.


For most women, severe pain in the lower abdomen is a symptom of the coming period. But if the pain is stronger than ever, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

The uterus may be preparing for massive growth in the next nine months. Therefore, pain can indicate pregnancy. Pelvic and back pain can also be added, and nausea and vomiting often occur.

However, really severe pain can have several other causes, one of which may be an ectopic pregnancy. If the pain does not stop, be sure to see a doctor, who will either confirm the pregnancy or start solving the cause of the pain.


Just thinking about food makes your stomach growl? Such an aversion to food is a reliable sign that a baby is growing inside you. Some moms-to-be actually suffer from this distaste, and along with nausea and vomiting, it’s definitely not a pleasant trio.

But some mothers can do it a little differently. They have an appetite for strange combinations of food they would never have had before. Have you never loved pickles, but now you can beat yourself up for them? Or you can’t live without sweets, and if you don’t have them, you want to cry?

If there are other pregnancy symptoms associated with this problem, you could be a clear candidate for a future mother.


You wouldn’t have shed a tear at a romantic movie a few months ago, but now waterfalls are pouring from your eyes. Do you feel sad when someone raises their voice at you, or do you simply start crying when arguing with your partner, even though you’ve never done it before? If you do not recognize yourself, there is a possibility that you are in a different state.

This is also how some pregnancy hormones are manifested, and you need to listen to them. So don’t be ashamed of your tears, and don’t suffocate your feelings because you could harm yourself. Definitely try to take a pregnancy test.

If it is negative and you are still hypersensitive, you must find out the cause. Are you switching to another contraceptive? Aren’t you too stressed? Is menstruation not coming, and with it unpleasant PMS? Either way, definitely try to address the unusual regret.


Breasts tend to harden and hurt in early pregnancy. But they behave similarly even when you are having your period. So, it is necessary to find out the actual cause and not to rejoice prematurely.

Breasts harden, hurt, and become more significant when they undergo a hormonal change. This is, without a doubt, menstruation, which is why many women do not even notice this signal anymore and do not take breast pain as a sign of pregnancy. But if you’ve been trying for a baby for a long time, you need to carefully examine every change in your body – and your breasts are no exception.

To be sure, try gently squeezing your breasts towards the nipples. If a yellowish droplet appears, pregnancy is almost inevitable.

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