Best Women’s Fragrances 2022: Top Long Lasting Fragrances

Choosing a new perfume can be overwhelming, especially since the options are limited. But the best perfumes for women are the ones that complement their personality, give them confidence, and, to quote Coco Chanel, let you know when they’ve entered a room, but also when they’ve left. 

For these women, those who want to break out of anonymity, but also for those who want to bring something new to their perfume collection or who are looking for their new “signature”, we created together with the Sephora store, the top of the best-selling women’s perfumes this year.

Whether you are a fan of floral, oriental or woody aromas, at Sephora, you will find perfumes for all tastes from the most famous fashion houses in the world. 

Let yourself be inspired, and if you still can’t decide which one suits you, we are waiting for you in the store in Veranda Mall to test them all! 

1. Gucci Bloom by Gucci

Gucci Bloom perfume is a ballad of femininity which intertwines aromas found in the most luxuriant floral gardens. Fresh and delicate, it will make you feel confident and strong and full of grace and sophistication. 

Natural notes of tuberose and jasmine will surprise you with their intense aroma, while honeysuckle, a specific plant from southern India, will give the fragrance a springtime touch. In tune with the warm weather, Gucci Bloom is one of the women’s fragrances that pairs beautifully with a trendy floral print dress and a pair of heeled sandals.  

2. Idôle by Lancôme

Lancome’s ldole fragrance created Lancôme’s Idôle fragrance to remind women that self-confidence and sophisticated elegance are the best accessories they can wear. The inviting notes of bergamot combined with the velvety floral bouquet of jasmine and rose will immediately fill you with energy and optimism.

At the base, Idôle by Lancôme introduces an elegant scent of patchouli, vanilla and cedar wood, which make this fragrance perfect for confident and strong women who want to express their femininity and courage in different forms. 

3. Elixir Des Merveilles by Hermes

With a hint of mystery and sensuality, the Elixir Des Merveilles perfume from the famous French fashion house conquers you from the first smells. The unique combination of orange, drawn through chocolate and woody notes, instantly teleports you to a land where innocence and feminine fantasy are harmoniously intertwined. 

Perfect for romantic evenings or long walks on the beach, this elixir of beauty and sensuality brings a touch of magic and exoticism to any woman’s outfit. Wear it with confidence in the cold winter months and in the summer, when the notes of vanilla and salted caramel will make you think of a portion of delicious ice cream with the same flavours, only good to enjoy on hot days.

4. Peonia Nobile by Acqua di Parma

A floral yet fruity fragrance for women, Peonia Nobile radiates delicacy, vitality and energy, defining qualities of those who wear it and those who say yes to any challenge. With a transparent bottle in which we find the essence of the perfume in a powder pink shade, it opens with refreshing and slightly fruity notes of black pepper and raspberry.

Peonia Nobile then bursts into a floral explosion of peony, Turkish rose and fresh freesia, and the base has enveloping tones of amber, patchouli and musk notes. The perfume is warm, elegant and delicate, expressing luxury in a discreet and feminine form. Discover a women’s perfume full of sensuality that will conquer you from the first moment! 

5. J’adore l’Or by Dior

The famous J’adore l’Or of the French fashion house could be included in the best and most loved women’s perfumes list. Noble and sensual, this embodiment of a spectacular bouquet delights you with its unique scents.

The jasmine notes are intense, accentuated by fruity scents, and the May rose also shines brightly in this mix of aromas. But, as in any perfume, the aromas that stand out the most are the base notes of vanilla and tuberose, which perfectly complement this enchanting blend dedicated to a robust and seductive woman.

6. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

The Good Girl perfume sublimely captures the modern woman’s duality, independence and elegance, but also the contradictions and contrasts she experiences. Enigmatic, elegant, sexy and full of confidence, the woman of the 21st century inspires with her personality, captured authentically through the scents of the Carolina Herrera perfume. 

The delicate notes of almonds, tuberose and Sambac jasmine, are perfectly complemented by the warm yet shrill tones of tonka bean and cocoa. All these enchanting essences are found in a glamorous bottle, representing a femme fatale: a stiletto shoe with a golden heel. They say that any woman can conquer the world with the right pair of shoes and the right perfume!

7. The Flowerbomb Bloom perfume

Created by the fashion house Viktor & Rolf, it is the fresher and more animated version of the original Flowerbomb perfume launched in 2005. Although it retains the distinctive notes of the first, Flowerbomb Bloom is refreshed with fruity and citrus accords. 

Top notes of pomegranate and mandarin will fill you with energy and optimism, then gradually replaced by a floral bouquet of freesia, damask rose and jasmine. 

Flowerbomb Bloom is a floral fragrance perfect for women who love to spend a lot of time outdoors, is carefree but down to earth and always with a smile on their faces. 

8. Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

From the category of precious perfumes for women, which exude effervescence and glamour through every pore, the established Black Opium from the famous French fashion house Yves Saint Laurent could not be missing.

Inspired by feminine energy, it opens with a fruity floral note, combining orange and hair flowers, and intensifying them with a hint of pink pepper. And because excellent femininity is downright electric, the intense tones of coffee and jasmine make Black Opium an ideal fragrance for the evening or special occasions. 

Grab your sequin dress, or your favourite pair of stilettos, accessorize with a few puffs of perfume and get ready to shine no matter the occasion!

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