How to Prepare Your Wardrobe For Cold Weather

With the arrival of the cold season, each of us is forced to reorganize our wardrobe. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up summer pieces. You can easily combine them with warmer elements for added style and comfort. 

Combine, for example, satin or loose-fitting dresses with a chunky, waist-length sweater. Accessorize with a pair of anklets and a belt for a creative look.

Regarding footwear, however, fall has become the season of boots. Although this is the everyday choice against rainy and cold weather, shoe lovers know that every season brings a touch of versatility in trendy models. If you are passionate about fashion and always want to be stylish, then there are some classic pieces you must have!

Whether you want to find out the trends for a pair of short ankle boots, boots or boots, keep reading the article to discover the latest appearances on the big catwalks for the autumn-winter season.

Fashion Week 2022

At this year’s fashion shows, there were some trendy designs capitalized on by several designers. Whether we are talking about women’s boots or short women ‘s boots, they were the leitmotif of the autumn-winter season. 

Short boots and over-the-knee models were central to footwear on the Bottega Veneta and Victoria Beckham catwalks. Made of black leather, which moulds perfectly along the calf, they highlight the feminine features and add an extra touch of style. 

Let’s not forget the appearance of the rubber boots, a piece we didn’t expect but which pleasantly surprised us at Chloe and Prada!

Added to all this are women’s boots for autumn with a platform or thick sole and military-style combat boots that remain at the top of preferences. Western-inspired boots and footwear have also caught on this season, so aim to find a pair with the most inventive design possible.

Must have pieces!

Over-the-knee Boots

If you are feminine and prefer to highlight your body features creatively, it is best to purchase a pair of over-the-knee boots. They work well with dresses or skirts pleated at the waist but loose, or even with midi, high-waisted skirts. They can be elegant but also sexy, for a day at work or a night out with girlfriends.

Another boot option that is good to have in your wardrobe is a pair of short, mid-calf boots. They compliment knee-length pencil skirts or trousers made of fabric that do not come up high on the leg.

Ankle Boots

Versatile and perfect for jeans and casual wear, ankle boots should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They are stylistically suitable for women who prefer to dress comfortably and those who have busy lives. Boots usually have fur inside, which provides warmth during the cold season.

Extra creativity is brought by the thick sole, which reinvents this piece of footwear. So, if you want to add a touch of personality to your outfit, you can choose such a shoe model.

Cowboy Boots

Although anklets and cowboy boots are not new to trends, they seem to be coming back into fashion starting in fall 2021. Whether we’re talking about festival wear or trendy outfits, they’re guaranteed to add a touch of novelty to any outfit. You can combine them with dresses or jeans because they highlight any article of clothing in a harmonious way. 

If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of ankle boots for a festival outfit, you can try to combine them with a midi dress or slip dress made of satin and with thin straps. Add a trendy hat and belt and catch the eye of those around you.

The boots can easily integrate the shoes into a casual outfit. Skinny jeans highlight this footwear beautifully, so pair them with skinny jeans and a chunky sweater in neutral shades. Add a long jacket or trench, and you will have a fashionable outfit in this season’s trends.

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