Cosmetic Procedures for the Skin of the Face and Body

Among the pleasant things to do in autumn are updating your wardrobe and taking care of yourself. For example, going to a cosmetologist. We tell you what cosmetic procedures are especially important this time of year.

1. Facial cleansing

Using sunscreen in the summer often clogs your pores. Experts say professional facial cleansing in a salon will solve this problem. It can be mechanical, ultrasonic, vacuum, chemical, or laser; a specialist will help you choose your desired technique.

2. Peeling

In autumn, the tan gradually and unevenly disappears from the skin. This problem can be solved by peelings for home use and professional ones, which will eliminate pigmentation and facial wrinkles. Peeling makes the skin sensitive not only to sunlight but also to low temperatures. Therefore, autumn is the ideal time for the procedure.

Based on the depth of impact, there are three types of peeling: superficial, medium, and deep. The superficial one evens out the complexion, the middle one fights against skin unevenness, and the deep one eliminates the problems of age-related changes.

Depending on the exposure method, peeling can be mechanical, chemical, ultrasonic, or laser. 

The procedure is best done in late October – early November to prepare the skin for winter. It can be combined with massages and masks. Depending on the condition and type of skin, the cosmetologist will select exactly your peeling option.

3. Massage

In summer, our skin loses moisture and many nutrients. Massage is perfect for renewing, restoring, and moisturizing the skin; it improves blood circulation and skin condition. Dehydrated skin begins to restore moisture and is well-saturated with nutrients. A massage will help restore an even and healthy complexion and improve your mood.

4. Hardware procedures and beauty injections

During the consultation, the cosmetologist can recommend other procedures depending on your skin condition and preferences. This could be bio revitalization, non-injection oxygen mesotherapy, laser resurfacing, or lifting. Autumn is the most suitable season for these procedures since, for the skin, it is a break between summer and winter stress. Moreover, it is in autumn that regenerative bioprocesses are activated in the skin.

Home care

Home care in the fall should perform two main functions: hydration after the summer sun and protection from the oncoming cold. Conducting a thorough audit of your cosmetics bag, putting some products aside for a while, and adding new ones are important.

When the seasons change, cosmetologists advise using cream-based cleansers that do not foam and maintain the skin’s natural oil balance. You can temporarily exclude facial tonic from your care and add moisturizing serums with antioxidants and retinol to your daily care.

When the first autumn cold sets in, replacing a light moisturizer with a richer analog is better. Instead of masks containing clay, use products with hyaluronic acid and ceramides. To enhance the work of basic products, add a moisturizer with a vitamin complex (A, C, E), special concentrates, boosters and serums, and capsules with active substances to your cosmetics arsenal.

In autumn, we remember SPF cream: sun protection is needed all year round. The sun’s rays do not have an active effect but still provoke photoaging and skin pigmentation. Products with a protection factor of SPF-30 will be quite sufficient.

Once every two weeks, you can use a scrub and gommage (peeling cream with a more gentle effect). They will help renew the skin, remove pigmentation, speed up the effectiveness of products and their penetration into the deep layers, as well as speed up the processes of regeneration and cell renewal.

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