Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall and Hair Damage Problems

It’s essential to prevent hair fall, hair thinning, and bald spots from their initial onset to push your visions away. If you’re seeing to enhance your hair quality and require maintaining your distance from serious side results caused by artificial solutions, opt for home remedies for hair fall.

Concerned about new shores of hair in your comb? According to hair specialists, it is natural to lose up to 100 strands in a day, but extreme hair loss is a cause for attention.

Hereditary is the standard hair loss problem, but your receding hairline may also be a symbol of critical health conditions such as alopecia, lupus, and thyroid issues.

Hair loss without scalp scarring is a common condition and concerns most people in their daily lives. Medical experts should identify hair loss from hair shaft damage from hair damage due to limited hair growth.

Causes of Hair Fall


While being in cities has its perks, one can’t jump from the presentation to compatible thick blankets of air pollution released from cars, trains, and other public transports, making treatable hair loss.


If your ancestors have a hair fall or bald patch history, you will possibly encounter the equivalent at some point in your life.


Lack of decent sleep & extreme stress provides drastic hair loss.

Diseases & Medications

Some autoimmune diseases like cancer, thyroid, arthritis and heart difficulties can commit to constant hair loss. Some medications like antidepressants, birth control pills, and mood stabilizers can also commence hair fall problems.

Home Remedies to Stop Hair Fall

Onion Juice

Onion is a valuable source of sulfur which assists in hair growth by boosting collagen production. Applying its juice on the scalp can assist in managing hair fall.


This element has many advantages for your hair. Not only prepares it promotes hair growth, but it also modifies it. It has required fats, minerals, and proteins that decrease hair damage and are plentiful in potassium and iron.


Similar to onion, garlic too has high sulfur elements. This is the cause why it is practiced in regular hair regrowth medicines.


Also named shoe flower, hibiscus provides hair, stops premature greying, heals dandruff, and commands hair fall.


It is essentially used as standard hair color or conditioner, but henna has features that can grow your hair from the root. If you mix it with other components, it performs for a healthier hair pack.

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