Housework that Should Avoid During Pregnancy: Pregnancy Care
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Understandably, you want to adapt your housing as much as possible to the needs of a new family member, that you want him to come to a clean and fragrant home, but you must not forget about your safety. Here are activities you should instead leave to your family members during pregnancy.

Moving or Lifting Furniture 

The belly is a burden for your body that the spine has to cope with. The centre of gravity shifts forward, and expectant mothers often have back pain. In addition, if you lift a heavy load, the pressure in your back will increase, and there is a risk of injury to the spine. 

You can only move and lift more miniature furniture and lighter items, but you have to do it right. This means not raising the object in a forward bend but squatting and keeping your back straight when lifting.

If your back muscles are weak and your tummy is already protruding nicely, a supportive pregnancy belt will provide you with valuable support. However, it is ideal to leave any furniture relocation and more oversized items to your partner.

Cat Toilet Cleaning 

When toxoplasmosis is said, every weight is sharpened. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic infection transmitted through infected cat excrement (litter). It is very dangerous for the pregnant woman or the fetus – in the early stages of pregnancy, it can cause severe congenital disabilities or even miscarriage

But there is no reason to panic and move the house with which the disease is associated immediately out of the house. All you have to do is follow specific hygiene measures, and you don’t have to worry about your unborn baby.

But you should know that a cat that never goes out is very unlikely to be a carrier of toxoplasmosis. However, it is different for a cat that has the opportunity to move freely outside. 

Caution and protection are simply in place. If possible, leave cat toilet maintenance to someone else. If not, use gloves when changing litter and always wash your hands thoroughly. 

Also, try to clean the cat toilet as often as possible – the parasite’s eggs, which the cat excretes, become infectious only after 24 hours. By the way, contact with infected litter is not the only way to get toxoplasmosis. Eating raw or undercooked meat and unwashed fresh vegetables carries a far greater risk.

Chemical Cleaning

Already, pregnant women face nausea and dizziness, and grunting with aggressive odorous agents can make their problems even worse. Therefore, when cleaning, give preference to environmentally friendly products, that is, to you, or bet on the proven tips of our grandmothers – such as vinegar and baking soda.

If it is still necessary to use a more aggressive cleaning agent, leave it to a partner or specialist company again. If there is no residue, ventilate thoroughly during use and use protective equipment (gloves, drape).

Keep in mind that overall lower use of harmful chemicals in your home is suitable for your baby in the future. The vapours generated can be hazardous for anyone who inhales them.

Use of Pesticides

Even when using a variety of pesticides, whether to control plant or animal pests, a pregnant woman should be careful. Ideally, you should not do this work if you have to; without adequate protection, you should not do it.

Although short-term exposure to these toxicants is unlikely to reach the fetus through the bloodstream, should avoid they should avoid them. These substances are very harmful in large quantities.

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