Fashion Trends to Wear in the Spring-Summer Season [2022]

We know, sometimes it can be exhausting to try to keep up with the fashion trends every year, but rest assured, we’re here to help! We have selected the most important – but also accessible – trends of the spring-summer 2022 season to give you an idea of ​​what to wear at the beginning of this year. 

This season has everything to satisfy the tastes of even the most fashionistas, from low-waisted trousers to lace-up garments, platform shoes, neon shades, and more. 

Whether you need to renew your wardrobe or are just looking for new outfit ideas, before you go shopping in the mall, look at the list of fashion trends in 2022. Find out what to wear in terms of clothes, dresses, accessories and colours, so you know what to expect to see on the street and at your favourite influencers, on Instagram, in the coming months, and after looking through the stores.

1. Low-Rise Pants for a 2000s Look

After more than a decade in which high-waisted trousers have dominated our wardrobes, this spring we find at the top of the list of the latest fashion trends low-waisted trousers. 

Celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears dedicated the low-waisted pieces in the 2000s, turning them into a valid symbol of the period also known as Y2K. 

This trend is not just for out-of-office hours! If you are looking for an office outfit, then a pair of low-rise suit pants, a feminine blouse, and high-heeled shoes are more than suitable. 

Or opt for contrast in volume and style – choose a men’s shirt with rolled-up sleeves and a pair of stilettos for a confidence boost.

2. Shiny Materials that Mimic Liquid Metal

We have good news for glam lovers this season – they wear shiny materials that mimic liquid metal. The new spring-summer 2022 collections bring to the spotlight clothing that imitates the precious look of gold, silver and more. 

This is a much more elegant and subtle alternative to the classic sequins, giving any day or evening outfit a refined look. 

But be careful how you accessorize such a look. The stylists’ advice is to keep them relatively simple to not distract from the colour and not overload the outfit

It is preferable to match the shade of your jewellery with that of the garments to create a unitary look. 

3. Mini Skirts for a Youthful and Confident Outfit

The mini skirts are a piece of clothing that stands out in the fashion trends of 2022. Increasingly short and in various shades, suitable for a simple walk or a dinner in the city, the mini-skirts can be integrated into any outfit: spring or summer

Thus, whether you choose a piece of thicker or more vaporous material, with or without prints, with a mini skirt, you will be fashionable and not fail at all!  

The mini skirt is the perfect piece if you want to get a confident and youthful outfit, which combines sensuality and elegance in the most stylish ways. Combined with a simple top and a pair of ballerinas, you will get a relaxed outfit for shopping or walking. 

And if you opt for a black mini skirt, a shiny shirt and a pair of heeled sandals, you can go quietly to a cocktail party or a date!

4. Cutouts that Take Summer Outfits Out of Anonymity

Also, in terms of the latest trends, in the spring of this year, cutouts have occupied a special place in the preferences of stylists. 

This trend can spice up even the most conservative outfit, whether we are talking about cropped jeans above the pockets, blouses or dresses with bare backs, cut sideways or around the neckline. 

If you are looking for a playful outfit to surprise you with, this trend will suit you perfectly. Perfect for a date or going out with friends in the city, a mini skirt and a top with cutouts in the neckline are all you need to get a wow look. 

And if you want to integrate the cutouts into a more casual outfit, try a pair of trousers with cutouts around the waist and a minimalist blouse. 

5. Varsity Jacket: Perfect for Relaxing Walks 

Outfits inspired by American university culture are a landmark if you want a relaxed look, in step with the spring-summer fashion trends of 2022. 

After flirting in the past years with all sorts of variations and combinations of blue jeans, socks white in sight, retro sneakers, and the indispensable Ivy League logo sweatshirt, the designers add varsity jackets to the equation this year. 

Originating in the culture of the ’50s and 60s, these bomber jackets with a twist are a sign that fashion is repeated, and each iteration is more and more creative.  

If you want to integrate the varsity jacket in an out-of-the-ordinary summer outfit, opt for leather pants or a plaid mini skirt, paired with a pair of high socks and heeled shoes or penny moccasins. 

With such an outfit, you will not only be in tune with fashion, but you will also attract many looks and compliments. 

6. Laces are Everywhere, Not Just Shoes

In the spring-summer season of 2022, you will see laces on shoes, as is natural, and on dresses, blouses, skirts and pants. Found in ​​the neckline, sleeves, waist area, but not only can they pepper any outfit. 

A crop top with laces on the neckline creates a highly seductive look, while a pair of pants with laces on the sides exudes an irresistible lousy girl vibe.

If you feel very bold, go further! Pepper the outfit and be extra-trendy, choosing clothes that combine laces with other fashionable elements in 2022, such as the low waist or the exciting cutouts. 

Fortunately, lace pieces can be tailored to your favourite clothing style, from casual style to urban style or, why not, even streetwear style.

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