How to Bleach Your Hair at Home: A Safe Guide

Your heart is pounding in your chest, and every morning you wake up with a state of delight. Clearly, good morning. That moment in your life has come when you want a change. And what other change could put you in a better light than before, if not new hair colour?

In addition, fading the shade is the fastest way to a much brighter outlook on your life. Don’t know where to start? Here’s how to proceed.

Get Ready For Fading

The things you do just a few months before the day of fading can significantly influence the spectacular results. Since bleaching involves a rather stressful treatment on the hair, it must be in the best condition.

Thus, two or even weeks before the discolouration process, it is advisable to follow fairly deep care of your hair ornament. If your hair is usually dry and dull, you need to pay even more attention to the preparation of your hair before you properly bleach your hair at Home.

To do this, cancel all hair colouring procedures at least three months in advance, and it also pauses the use of high-temperature hair straighteners. Introduce an extra moisturizing conditioner into your hair care routine.

Another important pre-bleaching step is to test the bleaching mixture on a strand of hair. Choose a place hidden from view and pay attention to the time required to reach the shade you want. You will apply the same actuation time on the day of fading.

List of Essential Accessories

The big day is approaching, but you need the essential accessories and tools by your side. Here’s what you need to do to get the right hair colour at Home:

  1. A set of Hair Bleach
  2. Brush to Apply Colour
  3. Clamps
  4. Disposable Gloves
  5. Bowl
  6. An old towel or a rag to put on your shoulders

You need a complete set that contains both bleaching cream and oxidizing cream for hair bleaching. Also, make sure that the set contains instructions for use that you should read leisurely.

How to Fade at Home

Start the hair bleaching process with a break – a break from washing your hair for about two or three days. Choose your workspace so that it is well ventilated. You also need a table to arrange all the necessary tools and a mirror in this space.

Here are the Steps you Need to Take to Get Rid of Hair Loss

  1. Wear a row of homemade clothes or protect your clothes with an old towel.
  2. Create the dye mixture in the paint bowl according to the instructions of the bleaching set.
  3. Section your hair to hold the front of your hair and have the back accessible. 
  4. Apply the bleaching mixture along the entire length of the hair and advance towards the front hair. 
  5. Once you have soaked your entire hair in the colouring composition, fix your hair in an old towel or under a disposable shower head. 
  6. Allow the bleach to last for the duration of the test set or according to the instructions in the bleaching kit. 

After the expiration of the action time, enter the shower for shampooing, followed by a moisturizing conditioner for dyed hair.

It allows the hair to dry naturally without the help of hairdressers.

These are, in large part, the steps needed to achieve the shade of blonde you dream of. A trick recommended by colour specialists instructs you to apply the bleach upwards from the tips, and this part needs more time to operate than the one near the scalp. This way, you will get a uniform shade as you wish.

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