Most Beautiful Swimsuits for Women to Look Fashionable

We understand you perfectly, you are looking forward to summer, and you want to take full advantage of the sunny days on a beach, on a mountain top, by the pool or even on a rooftop in the middle of the city. Any plans you have, indispensable in any scenario, is, of course, the swimsuit. 

If you are looking for inspiration, we have selected the most beautiful swimsuits for women to be worn in 2022, the star colours and the prints that you will not fail! 

From full-length to two-piece models, with or without prints, you’ll find options in line with the latest fashion trends for all budgets, tastes and silhouettes. All you have to do is complete your summer arsenal and enjoy your days at the beach! 

1. Cut-Out Swimsuits 

While swimsuits are also in trend this year, you must have one in your beach wardrobe – of course, in step with fashion. In addition to the options with classic cuts, in 2022, designers also bring bolder models to the forefront. 

In the shops, in addition to the eclectic prints, you will undoubtedly notice the cut-out swimsuits, which, although they might put your tan in “danger”, will make you stand out on the crowded beaches. 

2. Two-Piece Swimsuits 

Two-piece swimsuits are always present in the collections of major brands and should not be missing from your holiday luggage, especially if one of your goals is to choose an enviable tan. For this, strapless and bandeau bras are the ideal choice.

However, if you want more support, take a look at one-shoulder swim tops, square-necked bustiers or even halter tops – these are all easy-to-wear models that benefit your figure. You can combine them with a Brazilian brief, and you are ready for anything that appears in your summer plan

3. High-Waisted Swimsuits 

The high-waisted swimsuit is on the rise this summer as well, so if you don’t have one, it’s not too late to buy one. It benefits any figure and gives you chic air at the beach, whether you have voluptuous shapes or a worked body.

The focus in 2022 is on the high-waisted briefs reminiscent of the ’40s-’50s silhouette or exciting cut-outs. Combine it with your favourite bra that highlights your body shape – whether it’s a triangle bra, with push-ups or any other option – and you’re ready to make a splash! If you want to make the most of the trend, take off the bra straps or choose one without the bandeau straps from the start.  

4. Full or Strappy Bikini

The full suite or even the strappy bikini is a bolder or even more provocative option. Those models of swimsuits with laces wrap the body and give a sexy note, whether they are worn on the beach or at a party at the pool. 

5. Shaping – Thin Suit

A full-length swimsuit is basically if you have not been able to lose weight until the arrival of the summer season. You can achieve the effect of thinning by choosing a swimsuit that sculpts the silhouette, either by the particular materials from which it is cut or by the optical details placed where it should be. 

In the summer of 2022, the modelling suite comes with drapes that harmonize the proportions of the body. 

These suits are made of unique materials that shape the figure – whether we are talking about the abdomen, thighs or bust – so that you feel at ease. Although they look basic, the secret lies in the quality of the fabric and the seams that lead to the thinning effect.  

One-piece swimsuits with details strategically placed around the waist are also on the wave – a strap, a string, a ribbon or other optical accent that will enhance your waist to achieve the coveted hourglass effect. 

If you want extra coverage at the beach, the swimsuit with a skirt is the choice of the season. You will get a feminine and relaxed look without worrying about those extra pounds. 

6. Tankini, One-Piece Suit

Lately, fashion trends have focused on comfort, and brands have proposed clothes that will make you feel good in your skin, regardless of the situation. 

That’s how it came in the 2022 summer costume collections, tankini – a set of T-shirts and briefs, which offer the highest degree of coverage without compromising on style. It ensures the comfort of a two-piece suit but with the range of a full swimsuit.  

In addition, it is a very versatile type of swimsuit – you can combine your favourite top model – a t-shirt that follows the body line or a model with a fluid cut – with a brief that suits you and you are ready for the beach. You also have many options for colour, and pieces with tropical or geometric prints are all the rage this season. 

For a modern look, the choice is the monokini swimsuit. Expressly, a dream combination between a full suit and a bikini guarantees you a fabulous look, with the price of bronze. The designers develop creative proposals with cut-outs and inserts that look wow and have conquered social media feeds promoted by celebrities such as the Kardashian and Hilton sisters. 

7. Retro ’40s Bombshell.’

The nostalgia of the ultra-feminine shapes specific to the ’50s – brought to the spotlight by Marilyn Monroe – makes the retro trend one of the favourites of designers, year after year, and the swimsuit collections for summer 2022 are no exception. 

A retro look at the beach a la Marilyn is easier than you think – choose a high-waisted brief and a balconette or sweetheart bra, incredibly chic. If you want a more challenging option, opt for a one-piece with a plunging neckline. Don’t forget your oversized glasses and a wide-brimmed hat, and the diva look is guaranteed! 

Retro bombshell is not exactly your style, but do you still want a vintage look on the beach? In 2022, you can achieve the same effect if you choose weather-specific pastel colours or classic vintage prints such as polka dots, plaids or flowers.

8. Boho with Ruffles and Fringes 

Boho is one of the most popular clothing styles of the moment, so it could not be missing from the fashionable swimsuit collections. Summer is the perfect season for a burst of colour, decadent prints and playful details. 

In addition to the maxi dresses that are a must-have in 2022, it’s time to try on boho-chic swimsuits with long fringes, ruffles, flowers or ethno prints. If you want to be extra chic when the temperatures exceed the degrees in the thermometers, complete your beach outfit with a turban, a headband or overlapping accessories. 

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