How to Get Along Well With a Cold – Cold Remedies

The cold is the most common disease that always surprises us with how much it can bother us. In the first stage, fatigue, malaise, headache, and burning and itching in the nose prevail. In the next stage, watery discharge, nasal congestion, loss of smell, tearing, and a feeling of stuffy ears begin. After a few days, the difficulties stop, the sense of smell returns, and only the clear secretion from the nose remains.

Colds are usually caused by viruses, which means, among other things, that antibiotics would not help in the treatment, and we have to rely on the usual means of finding relief and staying comfortable:

1) First, calm down and focus on yourself rather than on what you can’t do. Are you struggling to breathe, the buzz in your head, can’t feel anything, find it difficult to orient yourself by hearing, sleep poorly, and perform normal daily tasks? These symptoms are very draining of your energy. Such a burden naturally brings irritation and can lead to unnecessary conflicts when you no longer have the usual appetite for diplomatic solutions to problematic situations. That’s why it’s better to reduce the daily schedule to the bare minimum and don’t hesitate to warn those around you that you’re currently experiencing “the most difficult male disease” humor and perspective also help.

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2) Visit a pharmacy and try herbal remedies. Food supplements on the market contain herbs that contribute to the proper functioning of the respiratory tract and the immune system. Tablets or syrup with an extract of Black elderberry, St. John’s wort, and St. John’s wort positively affect upper respiratory tract diseases.

3) Even if you are mainly bothered by difficult breathing, do not forget to take care of the area around the nose, which will be at the center of events in the following days, and try to avoid irritation. Better stock up on a generous supply of your favorite soft tissues, which you don’t skimp on. Have a suitable nose cream recommended to you at the pharmacy. Please do not wait until severe burning before using it, but use it in an adequate layer immediately.

4) Hot steam is recommended to relax the nose but beware of scalding. However, suppose you have to run errands outside. In that case, you may find that the colder air can temporarily relieve your swollen nasal mucosa.

5) Be responsible for yourself and those around you. Viruses are transmitted through droplets produced during sneezing, coughing, or talking. They spread through the air or persist for a relatively long time on objects that a person with a cold touch. Therefore, it is very important to wash your hands consistently. Throw used tissues into the trash immediately.

6) Be careful with nasal drops, they may contain substances that reduce swelling, but after their discontinuation, the mucous membrane may react with further swelling. Saltwater is ideal for refreshment.

7) Even if, in most cases, the cold goes away gradually, sometimes a visit to the doctor is eventually needed. If the nasal discharge changes and is thick and colored, it is already cold, the cause of which is bacteria.

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