Top 7 Best Fitness Machines For Home Workouts

There are many ways you can incorporate more movement into your life. Many choose to go to the gym, but that’s fine if that’s not your style. You can get the same results and save time while training at home. You will need to make a financial investment initially to purchase some devices suitable for your goals. But over time, if they don’t become clothes hangers, you’ll get your money back or even save compared to a gym membership.

If you plan to start exercising in the comfort of your home, together with the Decathlon Veranda Mall team, we have created a list of the best home fitness equipment that can help you, regardless of whether you want to get in shape, keep in shape, or lose weight.

Top fitness equipment for home training

1. Treadmill

Running is the most “primitive” sport, so it’s no wonder the treadmill is one of the best home fitness machines, regardless of your training goals. You can use it for walking or running, including incline running, for an effective cardio workout, or for warming up. This moves your whole body, helping you burn over 450 calories an hour.

Treadmills are suitable for people of all ages, but be aware that they involve high impact, which increases the risk of joint injuries. That’s why choosing the right pair of sports shoes is important. 

2. The stepper

With its compact size, the stepper is perhaps the most affordable home fitness machine in terms of price and space. Whether stationary or mobile, the stepper mimics climbing stairs, helping to train your legs, buttocks, and hips.

On average, you can burn up to 700 calories in one hour of using the stepper. Or more, if you supplement the machine with additional equipment to move the upper body as well – for this purpose, these machines often come with built-in bungee cords. Still, if they don’t, you can purchase some separately or use weights for the hands, whether talking about dumbbells or bottles filled with water or sand.

3. The elliptical

The elliptical is another popular fitness machine among people who exercise at home. A combination of a treadmill, stepper, and stationary bike provides a low-impact workout that mimics the motion of running or walking but with less stress on the joints. That makes it suitable for beginners but also for people who are recovering from an injury, those who have joint problems, or have many extra kilos.

The elliptical comes with movable arms, so it works your entire body, from your legs to your abs, back, and arms. You will burn an average of 600 calories in one hour of training.

4. The stationary bike

Along with the treadmill, the stationary bike is among the most popular and best home fitness equipment. They are available in vertical or horizontal style, but regardless of the model, the movement mimics riding a classic bicycle outside. Depending on the chosen incline, you can train the muscles of the upper and lower thigh, quadriceps and hamstring muscles, and glutes.

Stationary bikes are great for building strength and endurance, getting lean, or warming up. They are a popular choice for beginners or those with joint problems or injuries because they put less stress on the body than other forms of cardio. At the same time, the effort is slightly lower than ellipticals because you are pedaling from a sitting position versus standing up, and you are not moving your upper body. But even so, in one hour of pedaling on the stationary bike, you can burn up to 500 calories.

5. Rowing machine

A must-have piece of equipment among kayaking and canoeing athletes, the rowing machine has recently been adopted by gyms and, by extension, home exercisers. It is one of the most effective fitness machines that safely train the body, from legs to abdomen, back, and arms. 

The risk of injury is lower than other devices, but it is very important to have a correct posture. That’s why you’ll need to consult some tutorials or an expert to learn how to use it without harming your health. Used correctly, the rowing machine can help you quickly burn 450 calories per hour, a substantial consumption, even more so when you want to lose weight.

6. Multifunctional fitness machine

Regardless of your fitness goals, the best results are achieved when you combine aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling, with anaerobic exercise, such as lifting weights. So if you have the space in your home, a multi-functional fitness machine suitable for weight training is one of the best investments you can make for your home gym.

They combine multiple pieces of equipment into one compact and versatile machine, including weight stacks, pulleys, resistance bands, and an adjustable bench. Thus, with a single device, you can perform various exercises for different muscle groups throughout the body, whether talking about the legs, abdomen, back, shoulders, chest, or arms.

When working with weights, posture is very important. So before incorporating the multi-functional fitness machine into your routine, document every exercise you have in mind. Doing anaerobic weight training can burn up to 600 calories per hour.

7. Apparatus for the abdomen

Whether you want to lose extra pounds or tone and define your abs, multi-functional benches are versatile fitness equipment designed for exercises that help develop and tone the abdominal muscles, such as leg raises, crunches, or twists.

But you can also use the bench for exercises that train other muscle groups. For example, weighted deadlifts or weighted plank exercises.

Other home fitness accessories and equipment

You need other equipment besides these “big” machines to achieve a complete and effective workout at home. Smaller accessories and equipment should not be missing from your fitness arsenal. 

Dumbbells of different weights: You can use them for the specific training of several muscle groups.

Elastic Bands: Helps improve strength and endurance. 

Arm/leg weights: You can use them to increase the intensity of your workout and improve muscle tone. 

Skipping rope: Suitable for warming up, cardio training, and improving coordination.

Foam roller: It is useful for massaging and relaxing muscles to speed up recovery after training.

Sports clothes are made of special materials that allow the skin to sweat, perfect for your mobility and comfort. 

Which fitness equipment will you choose for your home gym?

Fitness machines for home workouts are ideal if you want a healthy lifestyle without signing up for a gym membership. They offer a wide variety of training options, including cardio, strength, and flexibility, as well as advanced monitoring technologies so you can tailor your workouts to your needs.

When choosing equipment, consider your fitness goals and available budget.

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