How to Get Light Curls Right At Home

What woman doesn’t want long, healthy, thick hair that has a beautiful shape, given by light, extremely feminine curls ?! Well, for such a hairstyle, you do not need a visit to the salon, but only a little patience and skill. 

Follow the specialist’s advice to get a beautiful hairstyle that will attract all eyes!

Can obtain curls either with the hair plate or the curler or with the help of curlers, a less harmful option for the hair. And you can curl your hair on your own, right at home, if you follow the steps indicated by Alina Rau, Wella Professionals stylist.

Specialist’s Advice

After washing, apply a styling product on damp hair to give it volume. Then, dry your hair and cut it into three strands that rotate on two or three fingers, depending on how big you want your curl to be. It is attached to the root with clips.

Subsequently, the clips are detached, and the curls can be left in shape obtained or unraveled with a hairbrush, from the root to the tips, thus becoming more relaxed. 

In the end, you can get fixation with the help of a hairspray sprayed on top of the hairstyle or inside.

Textured Curls

In the case of medium to long, thick, and thick hair, one can also obtain textured curls can also get textured curls at home. How? Here’s how! “Immediately, after washing your hair, it absorbs the excess water with a towel through tampon movements.

The next step is to dry the hair thoroughly, then roll small locks of hair the thickness of a finger, which you will catch at the base of the root with a hair clip. 

You can leave your hair trapped overnight, and in the morning, loosen your curls with your fingers. For more texture, use the hairspray “, explains the stylist.

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