Top 5 Sephora’s Most Popular Cosmetics

It’s no secret that most women constantly look for new beauty products to make their hair shinier, their skin more hydrated, and their makeup flawless. And because we know how arduous this adventure can be, we thought we’d come to your aid. 

We’ve put together a top of Sephora’s most popular cosmetics, with items in every category, from the best face mask to the best foundation and more! Mascara, lip gloss, concealer, you name it! Then we are waiting for you in Sephora Veranda Mall to see which one suits you best.  

1. Best hair conditioner – Conditioner by Olaplex

Although they make you feel better and more robust, coloring, curling, and straightening your hair can affect its appearance and health if you don’t do anything to protect it. Continue to enjoy enviable hair beauty with Bond Maintenance Conditioner from Olaplex. 

This conditioner not only protects and repairs damaged hair and split ends but also deeply nourishes the hair shaft, giving it that shiny, silky look. It is suitable for all hair types and is extremely easy to apply. After shampooing, you must use a moderate amount of conditioner to wet hair and leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then you rinse and dry your hair looks fabulous and healthy!

2. Best foundation – Liquid Touch Weightless, by Selena Gomez 

If we were to go by the list of the best-selling products in Sephora and not only, Selena Gomez managed to create a genuinely innovative foundation, which sells like hot cakes! With a light, serum-like texture but medium coverage, Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez’s foundation is perfect for everyday make-up or warm seasons.

In addition, its formula rich in lotus, gardenia, and white water lily will hydrate and soothe your skin, while the complexion will have an even and luminous appearance. And if you were worried about overly visible pores, don’t worry, because Liquid Touch Weightless blurs them without clogging or burdening the skin unnecessarily!

3. The best mascara: Limitless Lash Lengthening by Ilia

Ilia’s Limitless Lash Lengthening continues to surprise the best mascara with its eco-friendly formula, which offers more than you expect from a natural mascara. Made with shea butter, keratin, organic beeswax, and carnauba wax, it not only gives you a feline look, it revitalizes lashes without weighing them down, lasting from morning to night.

And if you want people to ask you if you’ve got false eyelashes, apply a moderate layer of mascara. Thanks to the double brush, which precisely separates each lash while lengthening, you will get that volume effect, perfect for a complete look.

4. Best eyeshadow: Glam Palette by Natasha Denona

The Glam Palette by Natasha Denona is an extension of the Mini Glam Palette, which comes in 15 neutral and golden shades with metallic, matte, and shimmer finishes. This is an ideal palette for everyday make-up, whether you want a more natural, summery look or a super dramatic one like smokey eyes. 

Thanks to its formula of the highest quality pearls and crystals, the eyeshadows created by Natasha Denona are highly pigmented, easy to blend, and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive ones. 

Let your imagination run wild and play with the shades to get a look that’s right for any occasion – more matte and subdued for serious days at the office or bright and bold for nights out with girlfriends!

5. Best makeup primer: POREfessional Lite Primer by Benefit Cosmetics 

Pores can be a real problem, especially when they are visible to the naked eye and you want to apply a thicker foundation. Fortunately, Benefit Cosmetics has also thought about this aspect and created the best makeup base that blurs pores but doesn’t clog or clog them – Porefessional Lite Primer. 

The light texture and cooling formula are perfect for the warm season, especially since the product doesn’t even feel on the skin when you apply it. For 12 hours, your makeup will be well fixed and instantly blur pores. And if you have more sensitive skin, you can use this product confidently because it is gentle on any skin type and does not contain perfume. Apply this product as the last step in your morning skincare routine, just before foundation, and enjoy a natural-looking complexion with fewer imperfections!

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