How to Take Care of the Neckline, the Area that Most Shows Age

The neckline is, along with the neck, a pending issue for most women in terms of care. These areas are usually forgotten until wrinkles, blemishes, and sagging appear. 

This is a mistake because it is skin with particular characteristics that make it prone to premature aging. In addition, the surgeon and aesthetic doctor Virtudes Ruiz explains that “it is one of the workhorses of aesthetic medicine because not so much progress has been made in techniques and procedures that, in a non-aggressive way, are as effective as surgery, as happens in the face.”

How is the Skin of the Neckline?

One of the most frequent doubts when caring for the neckline is whether to include it in body care or facial care.

The general surgeon and aesthetic doctor María Vicente comments that “as in the neck, the skin of the neckline is thinner, but, in addition, what happens here, mainly, is the effect of photoaging and the action of the pressure that is exerted on the sleep, which produces a large number of vertical wrinkles that are unattractive and difficult to treat, if it is not done very early and in combination with postural measures (sleeping on your back).

Myriam Yebenes, director of the Maribel Yébenes firm, adds that “the neckline skin lacks sebaceous glands and the proportion of collagen and elastin that hydrates and holds it is tiny, so more wrinkles appear and it succumbs to sagging sooner.”

What Care Does the Neckline Need?

The neckline care routine should include daily cleansing and moisturizing and regular exfoliation “to remove dead cells and beautify them, but always with very gentle care,” advises Myriam Yebenes.

On the other hand, the skin of the neckline is susceptible to sun exposure, so another step that should not miss preventing the appearance of spots is photoprotection. 

In addition to using sun cream liberally on the beach or in the pool, the neckline is exposed to UV rays at other times when dresses and low-cut tops are worn, so we should not forget sun protection in these situations either.

To take care of the neckline, you can use the same creams and serums applied to the face, but from age 40, it is advisable to include a specific product, according to needs: wrinkles and spots.

Active ingredients such as retinol to improve expression lines and wrinkles, vitamin C to prevent oxidation, or hyaluronic acid, to hydrate in depth can not be missing.

In addition, it is also advisable to use an anti-wrinkle night bra because sleeping on your side accentuates them. Dr. Gema Perez Sevilla, the maxillofacial surgeon, and expert in facial aesthetic medicine, explains that “due to the lateral position adopted when lying down, the upper breast moves towards the lower one and areas of folds and wrinkles are produced that, maintained along Over 8 hours of sleep, they become fully manifest. 

The bra adheres to the front part of the chest through its contour, and without exerting pressure, it displaces the tension of the skin towards the shoulders, avoiding the perpetuation of wrinkles».

Medical-aesthetic Treatments to Rejuvenate the Neckline

To treat stains and photoaging of the neckline, the VirtudEstetica center recommends topical biostimulation through peeling with different types of acids that are combined in a personalized way for each patient. 4 sessions spaced 21 days apart are needed, the time the skin needs to regenerate its cells.

To provide firmness to the neckline, Myriam Yébenes bets on the Alma Q Laser with Carbon Peel by Maribel Yebenes. This treatment uses photo-acoustic waves with Alma Q technology to treat wrinkles and blemishes, minimizing the risk of tissue damage.

Dr. Perez Sevilla recommends the CO2 laser, firming and stimulating collagen through specific parameters for the neckline, adapted to the particular skin characteristics. As the expert explains, “this laser is one of the most effective tools for rejuvenation, and its effects are long-lasting, as long as healthy habits are followed.”

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