Is It Possible to Combine a Neck Lift with a Face Lift?

Neck lift surgery gives the neck along with the chin a stronger, sleeker, and more perfected look. Even if no other modifications are done to the facial area, boosting a neck that is plump, wrinkled, or droopy can significantly enhance a patient’s appearance, making them look much younger or as if they have lost a lot of weight. A neck lift can also bring back facial proportion by creating a more defined jawline.

What Are My Options?

A neck lift is defined by the patient’s cosmetic goals instead of the surgical technique. The  surgeon will take a unique surgical approach for those who desire to transform a full chin as opposed to a patient who wants to get rid of a drooping neck. This procedure can be done as a standalone procedure or in conjunction with other facial aesthetic surgical techniques for more extensive results.

What Should I Expect During Recovery?

The amount of time it takes to heal from a neck lift depends on the person in addition to the type of surgery. Patients generally return to their everyday activities, such as work, after two weeks of the surgical procedure. Anticipate your neck to be tight for a couple of weeks, and understand that scar tissue and bulging are usual. These symptoms should fade little by little, with noticeable bruising generally disappearing following the first week. The tightness will last for a few months. Your cosmetic surgeon will give you specific recovery and aftercare instructions.

Issues to consider and expectations for neck lift surgery:

-The results are long-lasting and will get old as the patient ages.

-Smooths out wrinkles as well as creases on the neck.

-Minimizes or eradicates the appearance of a turkey neck by eliminating extra, flabby skin.

-A facelift can be coupled with a neck lift for a more thorough facial enhancement. A cosmetic surgeon can get rid of jowling, bulging cheeks, and droopy neck tissues in one procedure by merging a facelift and a neck lift.

Selecting a Neck Lift Surgeon

Boosting the look of the neck necessitates a surgeon’s understanding of the distinct relationship of the face as well as the neck. It also adds to a person’s normal appearance. A cosmetic surgeon with experience in numerous facial cosmetic techniques in addition to a fully advanced aesthetic eye is required to execute a neck lift procedure safely and properly. However, many cosmetic surgeons do not receive adequate training in aesthetic face and neck surgery during their residency, so it is critical to do your research before selecting a cosmetic surgeon.

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Picking a cosmetic surgeon that is board certified guarantees that he or she is explicitly trained and competent in aesthetic surgery, such as facial techniques, and that your operation will be done in a medical facility that is accredited.

When meeting with a prospective plastic surgeon, inquire about the surgeon’s experience with a neck lift, and look at before and after photos of previous surgeries. This will assist you in getting a sense of the cosmetic surgeon’s cosmetic style.

A neck lift, when done by a skilled cosmetic surgeon, can attain incredible results with minor alterations. If you are dissatisfied with the look of your neck, or chin, speaking with a fully qualified cosmetic surgeon can assist you in learning about options available to you to make long-term modifications.

Recovery from Neck Lift Surgery

The patient may feel tightness in their neck, but pain is usually not an issue. There may be some scar tissue that will go away in a few weeks.  Bruises from the operation are concealed beneath the chin. Sometimes it is hidden within the curves of the ears. For the first week or so, it is critical to not lift any objects that are too heavy, such as kids.

The majority of patients that have had this procedure had some discomfort, bulging, and bruising. It typically subsides within two weeks, and the results will be visible. The swelling may occur for at least three months before it subsides.

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