Lip Plumpers is it Worth Trying and What Effect to Expect
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If you want to make your lips more voluminous but there is no desire to inject, take a closer look at the plumpers. This is a compromise and, for some, even a practical solution, but there are nuances.

Plumpers (from English plump – to swell, swell) can instantly make lips fuller; they are easy to use and generally safe. Lip augmentation products range from lipstick to gloss; vacuum devices are separate categories. We figure out how often you can use plumpers and whether they can harm you.

What is Lip Plumper?

Plumpers are non-invasive cosmetic products for increasing the volume of the lips. When in contact with the skin, they stimulate blood circulation, causing the lips to swell and look fuller. The effect is achieved in two ways: using vacuum devices or unique cosmetics. The result of the use of plumpers is short-term and lasts from several minutes to several hours.

1. Vacuum plumpers: Simply put, they are suckers. Vacuum plumpers look like small caps with a recess for the lips. They are made of hard plastic or food-grade silicone. The latter is less traumatic. They also differ in size and shape, so you can choose the device for yourself. There are two types of vacuum plumbers:

Manual – the simplest and most affordable. The vacuum in them is created by a simple breath or with the help of a special pear, like pipettes.

Automatic – more advanced battery-powered devices. Such devices have different settings for backlight, time and suction strength. They are also equipped with interchangeable mouthpieces and other accessories, such as a storage case.

2. Liquid plumpers are special cosmetics applied to the lips, like regular lipstick or gloss. The difference is that they contain special ingredients that irritate the skin. As a rule, these are natural substances. The most popular irritants for liquid plumpers are essential oils, capsaicin (from red pepper), peppermint, cinnamon, ginger, and nicotinic acid. You can also choose cosmetics with less pronounced irritation. It usually includes retinol or particular peptides that stimulate collagen production.

3. Plumpers-patches: These are hydrogel lip masks in the shape of a smile. Hyaluronic acid in their composition moisturizes the lips, making them appear more voluminous. You should not expect an instant and intense effect from them.

Lip plumpers are nothing more than a decorative product for home use. But you should use it sparingly since artificial stimulation of blood circulation is not very useful. You also need to understand that the effect of plumpers is temporary and lasts approximately the same time as both liquid and vacuum ones. 

However, rigid devices are more dangerous because they physically affect the skin and tissues. If it is overexposed, blood circulation may be disturbed, and sometimes there is severe swelling and bruising.

Lipstick and glitter plumper

Cosmetics with a plump effect are the same glosses and lipsticks, but they are felt through tingling and tingling on the skin.

Transparent jumpers: These include almost all colourless decorative lip products. Glitter, lip balm, or lip balm can add volume. As a rule, if the manufacturer indicates such a property immediately on the label, look for the inscriptions “plump” or “volume effect”.

Lipsticks with the effect of lip augmentation: These are the usual dense lipsticks saturated with pigments. Thanks to a large selection of shades, they allow you to create complete makeup and visually increase the volume of the lips. Like regular lipsticks, plump lipsticks come in matte, glossy, and shimmery finishes.

Coloured glitter plumpers: Lip plumpers in the form of gloss help to give extra volume due to unique ingredients and a pronounced glossy shade. They are dense in texture, so they last longer on the lips. Regarding the variety of colour palettes, such plumpers are equal to ordinary cosmetics.

Flickering plumpers: These are, as a rule, transparent glosses for lip augmentation, which also contain shiny particles – shimmers. They can be refined or delicate shades, which, together with the glossy shine of the gloss, provide a double effect.

How to use a lip plumper

The techniques for liquid and vacuum plumpers are different. But the rules for preparing lips for the procedure are general.

Cleansing: Remove makeup, rinse off the remaining product and dry your lips with a tissue or towel.

Exfoliation: Smooth, even lips are the key to the success of any cosmetic procedure. If the lips are dry and flaky, then most likely, using a plumper will cause irritation.

Hydration: Apply a primer or a thin layer of cream to your lips before taking on the plumper. Moisturizing will protect against drying out and reduce the risk of injury.

Any magnifiers cannot be used for diseases of the skin of the lips and the area around the mouth, for wounds, during viral and herpes infections.

Contraindications to vacuum plumpers include lip injections and fillers, oral diseases, and blood thinning medications.

How to apply liquid plumper

  1. Prepare the lips; if necessary, highlight the contour with a pencil.
  2. Take the lip enhancer and apply it from the centre to the edges.
  3. Stay within the contour to add volume only to the lips and not the area around them.
  4. Wait for the tingling and tingling to pass. If the sensations intensify, and the lips and skin around are reddened, then the cosmetics must be washed off.
  5. Adjust your makeup.
  6. To maintain the result, renew the gloss or balm every two hours.

How to use a vacuum plumper

  1. Wash and dry the accessory before using it.
  2. Curl your lips and press the plumper firmly against them.
  3. Then inhale so the plumper sticks tightly to the skin and can hold on to it on its own.
  4. Wait 10 to 30 seconds, depending on the desired result.
  5. Pry the plug with your finger on one side and carefully remove it.
  6. If necessary, repeat the procedure after three to four hours.

The harm of a lip plumper

Like any other cosmetics, plumpers undergo mandatory certification and are produced under manufacturers’ control. This means they are safe. However, there are some reactions to watch out for:

Burning: Plumpers almost always cause a slight tingling or burning sensation. However, if this feeling persists or gets worse, it’s best to wash off the lipstick and try another product.

Change in skin colour: A slight redness is considered normal when the skin is irritated. However, a persistent reaction, pronounced changes in the skin around the lips or a rash is a signs of a side effect.

Oedema: This is what is expected from plumpers. But the effect should be moderate and fade over time. If the situation is reversed, you should immediately remove the cosmetics and seek help from a specialist.

Dryness: Frequent use of plumpers without proper lip care can cause dryness, cracking, and even bleeding.

With caution, testing liquid plumpers is for those prone to allergies. Also, when using gloss or plump lipsticks, be careful with kissing. If you do not have an allergy to the composition of the funds, then another person may have it.

The most common side effect of vacuum plumpers is bruising. Both the lips themselves and the skin around them can turn blue. In this case, most likely, the device size was incorrectly selected, or it was kept on the lips for too long. In addition, the user should not cause pain. Severe discomfort is a sign that the pressure created was too much.

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