Nail Polish: New Ideas For an Enviable Manicure in 2022

Surely you have heard all sorts of expressions about how a manicure is, among other things, a woman’s business card. But aside from the sayings, a neat manicure is a must for anyone. 

With the right products, a few tutorials, and a little exercise, you can always have a flawless manicure and nails in step with the trends without depending on the visits to the salon. 

One of the most popular brands of manicure products, both in profile salons and among influencers, but not only, but Cupio has also created special nail care kits. 

They contain LED or UV lamps for fixing semi-permanent nail polish and gels, so now it’s easier to do your nails like a book right at home. 

In addition, the Cupio To Go! It contains over 400 shades, including the most popular colors of the moment, such as Very Peri or Green Sheen, so that you will have a choice of the most suitable option for your nails.

You will get an enviable manicure in two steps and three movements, only good to put on Insta! And if you’re out of ideas or you can’t decide when it comes to the most fabulous styles and colors, here are the most popular nail designs from 2022 that you should try this year: 

1. Nails with Floral Ornaments, Beads, and Glitter

Among the many models of gel nails, this year, we highlight the out-of-the-ordinary ones, or rather the ones that stand out in relief! Beyond the bold prints and crazy colors, your manicure can stand out in a completely different way: through 3D ornaments. From pearls to metallic details and miniature flowers, your nails will look like a real work of art. 

If you are a fan of atypical, nonconformists, and full of personality nail models, you should at least give this trend a chance. Try different ornaments in different shapes and shades and turn your manicure into a source of inspiration for your friends.

2. Color of the Year: Very Hairy

As in every season, the year’s color can not be missing in any form of trends, whether we are talking about fashion trends, interior design, or new nail designs. And this spring-summer, the shades that will delight our eyes are derived from the color newly invented this year, Very peri.

Cupio is always in step with the trends, and the new collection of semi-permanent nail polishes can confirm it. In addition to the various shades, ranging from purple to purple-blue, there is even a semi-permanent nail polish called Very Peri. Whether you opt for a simple or gel manicure for long or short nails, you will inevitably be very in trend this spring-summer.

Choose your favorite hair shade from the Cupio To Go semi-permanent nail polish collection! And get a trendy manicure or pedicure. The semi-permanent nail polishes combine the ease of applying nail polish with the resistance of a UV gel, and the obtained manicure lasts between four and six weeks. 

To enjoy various models of semi-permanent nail polish for as long as possible, you will need an LED or UV lamp, and you will get results like in the salon, right at home! 

3. French Manicure with a Twist

French manicure is here to stay, and no one can convince us that it is not. Although the classic French remains a favorite, we can not help but notice how it is reinvented from year to year. In 2022, we wear French nails with twist gel-colored tips in two distinct shades or even metallic, which replace the classic white band we have become accustomed to. 

If you have always been a fan of French-style gel nail designs, you should also give this trend of tips in atypical colors a chance. And for an even more modern look, try a dense base from the Rubber Base French Collection range from Cupio that helps the manicure last much longer.

4. Stiletto Nails, Sharp Models, Full of Glam and Personality

If boldness and extravagance are the words that characterize you, then stiletto nail designs will suit you perfectly! Sharp and long stiletto nails give the illusion of longer fingers and provide a “crazy and glam” note to the whole look. They are as seductive as a pair of black lacquered stiletto shoes, and celebrities like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Zendaya, or the Kardashian sisters love them.

And if you master the brushes well and have a more developed artistic side, don’t shy away from trying to create a model on one of your fingers. If not, you can always resort to the more straightforward option of using another shade of nail polish, maybe even a metallic one, on the ring finger. 

Get professional results like at the salon at home! Use UV Gel 3 in 1, perfect for nails made with the help of the template or for natural nails of medium length. The gel is transparent, with medium to high density, ensuring excellent nail smoothing and high resistance to shocks and blows. Then apply Gum Base semi-permanent nail polish and, of course, don’t forget a Gloss & Go Flexible finish, and the perfect manicure is ready! 

5. Naked Nails, Simple, But of a Unique Elegance

Another classic and elegant variant of the always fashionable manicures, especially in the spring-summer months, is the nude nail models, made both on gel, acrylic, or even directly on the natural nail with the help of quick-drying nail polishes. 

If in the past season’s extended nail models in different nude shades were fashionable, this year they were replaced by short and minimalist nails. Thus, a Cupio nail polish in neutral shades is all you need to get a fresh manicure, perfect for any occasion.

6. Nails in Shades of Green, in Tune with Nature

This spring, nature will not be the only one that will stand out with its spectacular shades of green, whether they are darker or lighter. From tropical green to matcha or olive green, green nail designs are ideal if you want an exotic and fresh manicure, like spring. 

If you have brittle nails that break easily, a gel manicure is a perfect alternative to the “classic” manicure in which you use only nail polish. Cupio colored gels have a very high coating power and are effective even in a thin layer, keeping a natural look of the nails. 

If you prefer semi-permanent nail polishes or are looking for a nail polish that can apply even over acrylic or gel nails, then the Cupio To Go range! It is the perfect solution.

Choose Cupio Tropicana Color Gel or Cupio To Go Semi-Permanent Nail Polish! Welcome spring for the perfect nail designs for this spring-summer!

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