New Manicure Trends – Stylish Matte Nails 2022

New manicure trends appear as suddenly as they leave, but some become classics and stay for a long time. One is matte nails: deep monochrome colour or with exciting design options.

Let’s figure out with an expert what matte manicure is popular today, how to choose it according to the shape of nails and what colours are especially relevant.

Matte Nails: Trends 2022

Matte manicure creates a visually soft surface reminiscent of vinyl, suede, plastic or velvet, depending on the effect chosen. Unlike the usual shining gloss, this coating gives a deep colour and an unusual texture.

Stylists claim that we owe the appearance of the trend for matte nails to Kylie Jenner’s colour matte jacket, which she showed to subscribers on the social network. This unusual idea fueled an already long-standing interest in matte nail polishes.

Do not rush to replace the usual glossy varnish. You can turn any colour matte by applying a top coat with the appropriate effect. To choose the right option, focus on your taste, colour, or wardrobe.

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A monophonic coating is a versatile option without frills. It turns the brightest colours into discrete ones. A nude manicure will always be appropriate, but you can add colours.

  1. Very Peri is Pantone’s Color of the Year. It is no coincidence that in 2022, stylists advice paying attention to purple and lilac colours.
  2. Red. Timeless classic red and its derivatives – burgundy, terracotta and pink shades – are still relevant.
  3. Blue and green. Options for bold and original people who are not limited by a dress code and strict limits. At the same time, the matte finish makes the colour more restrained, which corresponds to the business format.


Creative ideas will make matte manicures even more original.

Clean nails with a pattern: We are talking about the so-called negative space in manicures – the effect of unpainted nails, on which a small drawing is applied, is built on this. If you are doing gel polish, a transparent layer serves as the base.

Asymmetry: One of the brightest trends is the lack of symmetry in the drawings and on the hands. Feel free to choose one colour for the left hand and another for the right.

Drawings and stickers: Ask the master in the salon to see the options for nail design. These can be stencil drawings, stickers, rhinestones, or stamping iron plates. Nail art specialists know how to create actual paintings using various varnishes and thin brushes.

Original french: In addition to the classic version with white colour and the already mentioned multi-coloured one, different variations are relevant by highlighting the tips and the holes of the nails (the so-called reverse jacket). Both regular and inverted matte French manicures can be done in any colour scheme.

Minimalism: Sometimes, you need to add a little accent to nail art so it plays in a new way. Try highlighting one nail with a contrasting colour or sticking a neat rhinestone on the edge of the nail plate. This slight nuance will not be evident, but at the same time, it will add originality to the manicure.

Geometry: Thin stripes forming arbitrary triangles, rectangles and squares look great on matte nails. You can perform them on nude shades with a contrasting dark varnish or combine several suitable colours. In a matte finish, they look incredibly voluminous.

Matte Manicure Ideas Based on the Length of the Nails

Matte finish is suitable for everyone, regardless of the shape and length of the nails. However, there are some colour and decorative nuances that should be considered.

You can choose any shade of matte varnish with a small nail bed and a slight regrown edge. But do not overdo it with decor – it is essential not to overload an already small surface. On short nails, you can play with shades; for example, make them different on two hands or even on each nail.

Medium Length Nails

The best option for decor is the nail is slightly longer than the fingertip. It gives more opportunities for creative nail art. On the almond-shaped form, all jacket varieties, drawings, and stickers look good.

Long Nails

If you’re used to wearing your nails long, ditch the overly bright, neon hues for everyday wear, leaving them for the holidays and photography. Long nails are always eye-catching, so keeping them neat is essential.

Matte Manicure Ideas

Trends are one thing, but personal vision is another. Choose what you like, inspired by exciting ideas from social networks, celebrity photos or our selection.

1. Nude with Drawings

Intricate lace details look modest and neat. The result is a boring manicure that is appropriate at any time.

2. Black on Black

An utterly black manicure attracts attention, and glossy, matte nails in black look as impressive as possible. To create the look, start with a matte black base and finish with polished round pieces.

3. Matte Neon

For those who love bright colours. Any neon colour can be slightly more restrained and muted with a matte top. At the same time, he will remain bold and saturated in any case.

4. Reverse Minimalism

The real hit is single “blank” drawings and dots on a dark background. Such a manicure requires skill from the master, but it certainly will not go unnoticed.

5. Green Jacket

Glossy French tips on a smooth matte base create an exciting and, at the same time, unobtrusive manicure. You can opt for neutral tones or a non-standard one, such as a delicate olive or mint shade.

6. Gentle Contrast

Light pink, almost nude shade creates the feeling of “bare” nails. They look flawless, but such a manicure can get boring. To prevent this, add a small detail, such as a stamping print in the form of a vegetal print in a contrasting colour.

7. Sea and Sky

Another way to keep your manicure clean and fresh is to stick with a cool blue palette paired with white accents.

8. Burgundy

Burgundy and red belong to the same colour palette. But put them together, and you get a high-contrast manicure that looks even better in a matte finish.

9. Latte

This creamy brown manicure in natural shades combines a reference to caramel and one of the main trends – negative space. On the “empty” areas, you can draw contrasting dots or stick rhinestones if the length allows.

10. Matte Halves

Can’t decide on a colour? With this manicure, ten shades are available on each hand at once. You can even alternate several shades at once at an equal distance from each other.

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