Outfits that Prove that Ankle Boots Go With Everything

If there’s one type of footwear you can rely on from fall to summer, it’s a pair of ankle boots. Like a plain white t-shirt, this option is essential from season to season because there are so many ways to wear ankle boots all year round. 

However, finding the perfect pair of women’s ankle boots to add to your wardrobe may take some time. With so many options – from Chelsea boots to stiletto ankle boots suitable for evening wear, the secret is to find a model that suits your aesthetic

To help you, we have developed nine modern styling ideas on how to style your outfits using ankle boots. Whether you go out in a mini dress or a brightly coloured deux-piece, you will surely realize how versatile this type of footwear is.

It’s time to put away the strappy sandals and slip on the perfect pair of ankle boots for fall (winter, summer, or spring).

Style the mini dress with a pair of chunky ankle boots

If you don’t want to completely give up summer statement pieces, try swapping the season’s white sneakers for a classic pair of ankle boots. You can choose some combat boot-type ankle boots, like “Jadon” from Doc Martens – the most ubiquitous model lately. Their black colour and their volume will create a pleasant contrast with dresses in neon colours or with floral patterns.

Wear a stylish pair of ankle boots with flared jeans

What is the simplest yet classic way to wear ankle boots? With slightly cropped, flared jeans. To complete the outfit, choose a pair of marginally tighter black ankle boots to create a leg-lengthening effect. To create a more “French” look, wear a breezy shirt with delicate floral motifs along with jeans and ankle boots, which you can accessorize with a plain cardigan. 

Try colourful ankle boots with a “decent” outfit

Who says ankle boots have to be bland or even neutral? An easy and fun way to add cheer to your outfit is with a pair of vibrant-coloured ankle boots. Try a classic black dress with a pair of red ankle boots, as they will give the whole look extra flair. 

It adds value to sportswear

Even the most casual outfits get a touch of “high fashion” if they are accessorized with the proper ankle boots. A simple vintage tracksuit starts to look quite classy if you match it with a pair of heels; that’s why we advise you to opt for ankle boots with a sock boot heel to be able to fold the hem of the trousers.

Create a practical look without much effort

It is the fastest solution to putting together an outfit when you’re in a hurry, making you look relaxed, fresh and casual regardless of the situation. For bonus points, coordinate the colour of the shoes with the accessories or try a more unusual version of ankle boots with metal trim.

Give the combination of tights/tights + ankle boots a try

Fall means tights season. Thanks to them, we can still enjoy dresses and skirts even with the passing of summer. However, if wearing tights brings back unpleasant memories of grade school, you can opt for a pair of see-through tights. In terms of clothing combinations, the possibilities are endless. This year, there’s a lot of focus on men’s footwear, so you could opt for a pair of chunky white ankle boots to complete your feminine outfit.

Balance out oversized ensembles with thin-heeled ankle boots

While thin strappy sandals were essential pieces during the summer season, ankle boots are their fall and winter replacement. When wearing a large ensemble, choose ankle boots with eye-catching detail, such as a metallic heel or faux zipper, to add a touch of sparkle to the whole outfit.

Pair low heel ankle boots with maxi dresses

You don’t need a pair of heels to add value to a maxi dress. Instead, opt for a few low-soled ankle boots to prevent foot pain on busy days. Ankle boots made of reflective fabrics or buckles and zippers will add a certain funky air to your outfit.

Keeps the chromatic balance

When wearing a monochrome or colourful outfit, don’t neglect shoes. Dare to include a pair of ankle boots in a similar or contrasting colour scheme to ensure you shine from head to toe!

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