Powder Coating: What You Need to Know to Get Excellent Eyebrows
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A popular technique allows you to save time on daily eyebrow makeup. We understand with experts how powder coating is done and its pros and cons.

What is powder coating, how does it look, and how long does it last on the eyebrows?

What is Brow Powder?

Eyebrow powdering (ombre brows) is a semi-permanent technique that gives a soft, natural result by subtly filling the gaps between the hairs.

This option is excellent for those with fairly thick eyebrows who want to add expressiveness to the image without the hassle of daily tinting. It is also the preferred method for people with oily skin, as the result of the procedure lasts much longer than microblading.

Eyebrow powdering is a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure, but it involves breaking the integrity of the skin with microneedles; as with the classic tattoo technique, only the depth of the puncture changes.

Eyebrow powder or microblading

Microblading is done by hand using a blade, filling in cuts with pigment to create natural strokes of paint along the entire length of the eyebrows, filling in the gaps between the hairs. As an alternative to creating powder eyebrows, the master works with a hardware needle through micro-punctures, which allows you to apply soft-colored pixels. This results in a more washed-out look, like you used brow powder in your makeup. Powder coating is a less traumatic option, after which the skin recovers faster.

Eyebrow powder and permanent make-up

The high-quality powder coating of eyebrows imitates natural makeup. Eyebrows do not change shape, do not stand out on the face, but harmoniously complement the image. With powder spraying, the needle penetrates to a depth of less than 1 mm, while with classic permanent tattooing – up to 1.5 mm. In the first case, the shades are softer. Permanent makeup lasts longer, but it is more traumatic.

How eyebrows look after powder spraying and how long the effect lasts

The procedure is chosen by those who have to reapply their eyebrow makeup daily to fill in visible gaps and achieve the desired shape.

A light powder coating lasts six months to a year and a half, it depends on skin, age, and lifestyle. For example, on young skin, the pigment will fade faster than on aged skin due to more active and faster regeneration. To extend the period, I recommend using products with SPF protection and not getting carried away with peeling in the permanent makeup area.

How to do powdered eyebrows

It is better to prepare for the procedure in advance. A few days before going to the salon, you should not drink alcohol and energy drinks (they thin the blood and increase blood pressure, which can slow down the skin’s healing process). Ideally, you need to choose a date for visiting the master, after which you can stay in the usual city mode for several days and not go on vacation to lie on the beach or ride a yacht.

The master in the salon will make powder coating according to the following algorithm.

  1. Skin cleansing with a special lotion.
  2. Treatment of the eyebrow area with an anesthetic cream or gel.
  3. Selection of the appropriate shape and color of the pigment.
  4. Sketching with a special pencil to visualize the result.
  5. Hardware application of persistent pigment by point punctures of shallow skin layers.

On average, the procedure takes an hour and a half. After it, it is necessary to carefully treat the skin with disinfectants, which the cosmetologist will advise.

Pros and cons of powder coating

Before deciding on a powder spray, you must familiarize yourself with its pros and cons, foresee possible side effects and consult a specialist.

Advantages of powder coating

  • Absence of pain. The pigment is injected shallowly; it is much more comfortable than during microblading.
  • Preservation of natural eyebrows. When the beautician fills in the space between the hairs, the shape of the eyebrows becomes more apparent but, at the same time, remains natural.
  • Long-term result. Spraying needs to be updated on average once a year. Over time, the pigment brightens, and a slight correction may be required.
  • Inexpensive. The cost of powder coating varies depending on the level of the beauty salon, but in general, it is low, especially considering the long-term result. This is the price for saving time and cosmetics in the following months.

Cons of powder coating

  • Doesn’t change shape. Powder coating is used to fill gaps in the eyebrows, but it will not make them bright and defined like microblading. If the eyebrows are thin and not thick enough, it makes sense to consider tattooing. In some cases, microblading and spraying are combined.
  • Rehabilitation. A thin crust appears on the eyebrows within a few days after the procedure. It can not be torn off or damaged; it will disappear in a week. During this period, you should avoid active tanning, go to the bathhouse and sauna, and carefully select cosmetics and care products. It may be necessary to give up intensive training for a while so that sweat and increased pressure do not affect healing.

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