Some Advice to Disconnect During the Summer Holidays

During the summer months, many take a few days off. However, although free time offers multiple benefits, only 15% of workers manage to disconnect from work during the holidays.  

In contrast, 75% respond to calls, emails, or instant messages (Whatsapp, Telegram) outside of working hours, as shown by the recent Report on Digital Disconnection presented by InfoJobs.

Resting during the holidays is necessary to fulfill all the tasks when you return to work. In addition, vacations increase employees’ productivity when they return, as tired workers make more mistakes, and their productivity and motivation are negatively affected. 

For this reason, Laia Navarro, a professor at Deusto Training focused on ​​HR Management, labor contracting, and payroll, reveals that “complete disconnection on vacation, to reduce stress levels, improve physical comfort and restart the mind to develop new projects and ideas around the corner.”

Tips For Disconnecting During the Summer Holidays

Tips to rest during the holidays and release the stress accumulated during the year, since disconnecting mentally in summer is essential to increase the performance and effectiveness of workers: 

Take regular work apps offline. Among the main reasons why workers do not disconnect on vacation is because they receive calls and emails on their days off. For this reason, it is recommended to dose the use of the computer and the mobile phone, eliminating the email application from the mobile phone, deactivating notifications, or using the ‘Do Not Disturb’ option.

Strategically Organize Vacation Days

Knowing how to make the most of rest days is vital to take care of yourself and regain strength to start a new stage in September. The vacation period recommended by the experts is about 10-12 days in a row since it is enough time to disconnect, but not too much so that the return is complex and challenging.

Leave the Work Done and Close the Pending Issues

The best way to disconnect from work during the holidays is to complete all the pending problems or, at least, resolve them enough to return to them most comfortably. The days before the holidays are an excellent time to make the final sprint and do what you can to schedule and automate to minimize the need for your participation during the holidays.

Close on Vacation and Wait for September

The summer season can be an opportunity to reorganize the staff, improve the equipment and consider starting the exercise in September. Many companies close the company in August, favoring a total disconnection on the part of the workers, thus facilitating the division between work and leisure. On the contrary, if the company does not close, it is recommended to start the new projects, if possible, already in September, since this will help you disconnect from work.

Automate Tasks Thanks to New Technologies

Automating specific functions in the summer allows time to be devoted to others, while those that have been automated are carried out without the need to intervene or invest time. Taking into account periods of inactivity in summer, having task management systems, and having professionals in companies with specific knowledge is vital. For example, business resource management systems allow access to the information they store and operate remotely.

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