These 10 Practices Will Make Birth Easier

Every step into the unknown is stressful. For first-time mothers, it can be fear of the unknown during childbirth. But don’t panic. We have found 10 ways for you to ensure that your birth goes as smoothly as possible. What are they like?


It’s tempting to spend the last few days stretched out on the couch before giving birth. However, be aware that this way, the baby will not get into the best position it should occupy before birth.

In the all-fours position, you can support your baby to move into the correct position for entering the birth canal. Always keep your pelvis higher than your knees, even if you need to watch TV.

The following unique video is also a great preparation for childbirth. It will show you what to expect during labor. You will find a lot of information that may come in handy later on from childbirth.


Read, watch, ask. The more you know about childbirth, the better prepared you will be for it. We recommend attending an antenatal course, where the midwife will explain everything in detail, answer questions, and teach you the correct breathing techniques and baby care basics.

On the contrary, reading horrific birth stories in internet discussions never helped anyone.

Research shows that understanding what will happen to us usually washes away our fear of the unknown. When you know what to expect, your muscles will relax and be able to contract better. In this way, the birth will take place without stressful obstacles.


The impersonal spaces of maternity wards can complicate the birth itself. Surveys indicate that the environment of their birth is very important to women. It can even affect how the birth will proceed, whether smooth or difficult.

So take a tour of the maternity ward, so you know what to expect. Maybe you can think of something that would make your stay in the maternity hospital more pleasant, such as a favorite pillow, birthing ball, towels, or some drinks or snacks.

When we are afraid, our body produces adrenaline, which prevents the release of oxytocin and other hormones necessary for a successful birth. Read about the necessity of feeling safe and comfortable during childbirth in the interview with Michel Odent.


Controlled deep breathing can really be a very good helper. The deeper we breathe, the more oxygen circulates through our body, the muscles are flexible, and we feel relaxed. It makes it less likely for us to experience childbirth as an ordeal.


Sometimes walking is difficult for a woman who feels more like a small elephant at 9 months, but staying upright helps. Studies show that active women tend to have shorter and less complicated births.

Try sitting in a chair, leaning against a wall, or with your partner. A birthing ball can also be used.

It is the law of gravity. You are upright, your baby’s head pushes down with more force, and your uterus expands faster. This applies not only before but also during childbirth. Pushing uphill is the most difficult, and logically, the position on the back, popular with obstetricians, is the least favorable for pushing women.


Having your partner massage your back or legs will help you cope better with the birth. And even during childbirth! Research shows that 80 percent of women massaged during labor did not need pain relief.

Touch impulses reach the brain much faster than painful stimuli. Massages also have a beneficial effect on women in the sense that someone is attentive to their needs.


Essential oils during labor will also help relieve pain and tension. Lavender is a very good choice. Its aroma provides pain relief, relaxes, and lowers blood pressure. Essential oils contain a group of chemicals that induce relaxation and relief.


Warm water has proven to be a soothing agent that can wash away pain even during childbirth. Sitting in warm water stimulates the release of oxytocin. This hormone strengthens contractions and generally speeds up the entire birthing process. At the same time, endorphins are released with it, representing the body’s natural medicines for fighting ailments.


Knowing that someone will take care of you during labor is very comforting. For some, a good friend who will support you is enough; someone will appreciate the more professional involvement of a doula; most women want to experience the moment of birth with their partner. A friendly face can be just the thing to guide you through labor quickly and without unnecessary pain.


Do you think that eating during labor is something completely inappropriate? It is not! On the other hand, having some easy-to-digest and carb-rich treats on hand is a great way to make childbirth easier. In any case, avoid fatty foods, bananas, toast, or pasta.

Childbirth is demanding and requires a lot of energy. Carbohydrates are a very useful source to aid the release of glucose.

Do not stick to your birth plan and ideas to the last detail, be prepared for all eventualities. It would stress you out unnecessarily, especially if things don’t turn out how you imagined. You will see how an open mind will make the birth easier for you.

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