Top 6 Healthy Foods Recommended By Nutritionists

As the concept of preventive medicine through nutrition gains more ground, we return to the wisdom and words of our ancestors. We are what we eat, and the entire list of healthy and unhealthy foods we consume daily influences our current state and long-term quality of life. 

So a balanced diet with varied recipes is not a fad or a luxury, but a necessity. Fortunately, in hypermarkets and stores, you can find plenty of healthy food for all tastes and price categories. 

You have plenty to choose from, from exotic superfoods to domestic organic products rich in healthy fats, proteins or antioxidants. But culinary temptations are less beneficial for the body at every step.

How do you avoid the latter so you can better care for yourself and your loved ones? A little organization, a constantly updated shopping list and some helpful shopping strategies will be essential! 

Top healthy food categories recommended by nutritionists

To activate your metabolism and have total energy, opt for nutritious products which feed your body in the true sense of the word. 

The closer they are to their natural state, the better. Here, then, are the leading healthy food groups that are worth putting in the basket at every shopping session:

1. Fruits and vegetables 

Choose varieties to eat as is, steamed, boiled or baked in salads. They’re ideal alongside protein-rich foods like a juicy steak or Greek yoghurt to add something fresh to every meal. 

For variety and an energy boost, regularly consume:

Apples – an affordable source of soluble and insoluble fibre that regulates blood sugar levels

Peaches and nectarines – healthy foods for teeth and nails, full of beta-carotene

Bananas – perfect for a healthy snack, thanks to easily digestible carbohydrates 

Oranges, tangerines and clementines – known for their vitamin C concentration

Berries – especially rich in antioxidants

Grapes – are among the healthiest foods for the heart

Mango – an excellent source of potassium

Avocado – at the top of nutritious foods with healthy fats 

Olives – for vitamin E and skin health

Carrots – known for their vitamin A concentration

Spinach – is among the most concentrated sources of vitamins and antioxidants.

Beets – a heart-healthy option, rich in blood pressure-lowering nitrates

Sweet potatoes – regulate cholesterol levels and protect eye and skin health

Broccoli – reduces inflammation in the body and improves symptoms of chronic diseases

Garlic – is on the list of foods for people with diabetes because it regulates insulin levels

In the Carrefour hypermarket in Veranda Mall, a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables awaits you from local producers for whom agriculture is a way of life. Consume such healthy foods with few calories daily, and you will have enough energy for everything you set your mind to! 

2. Legumes

They deserve a place on the list of healthy foods for weight loss, a clean source of complex carbohydrates, protein and fibre. So they provide a feeling of prolonged satiety and are particularly beneficial for the colon, especially for sedentary people. In addition, they are a goldmine for vegetarians as at least a partial substitute for animal protein. Not to mention that they taste delicious in soups, stews and other light recipes with healthy food.

Legumes include:

Peas – are among the healthiest foods for the intestines and regulation of digestion.

Beans – are ideal for weight loss, as it reduces the absorption of sugar in the blood.

Chickpeas – lower cholesterol and are perfect for light hummus and falafel recipes.

Lentils – a filling and affordable source of vegetable protein

Soy – is extremely versatile and rich in antioxidants

Peanuts – full of healthy fats and magnesium, they are excellent for supporting physical exertion

3. Aromatic greens and spices

When you go shopping, be sure to also stop at the aromatic plants and spices sector. Beyond the usual ones, you will find many options used in different types of cuisine, from classic French cuisine to Indian or Mexican. Fragrant and rich in antioxidants, they add extra flavour to any recipe without adding excess salt or fat. 

If you need some ideas for a healthy and tasty meal, try adding the following:

Basil – has proven anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties 

Rosemary – reduces oxidative stress and provides arterial protection

Thyme – fights multiple infections and is used in teas and personal hygiene products

Mint – is among the best foods for the intestines, stimulating the production of enzymes 

Sage – protects neurotransmitters, supports memory and attention

Turmeric – is in the top 5 healthy foods with potent anti-inflammatory properties

Cinnamon – regulates blood sugar and accelerates metabolism 

Ginger – is among the best foods for joints; it also reduces muscle pain

Cardamom – aids digestion and kills pathogenic bacteria

Cloves – release antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral oils

4. Superfoods

Considered to be the healthiest foods for regulating body functions, many of these superfoods were discovered and used by ancient civilizations in recipes that have been handed down to this day. 

Just a few examples that deserve a place in your pantry are:

Kimchi – a type of Korean sauerkraut that strengthens the immune system

Spirulina – microalgae used to accelerate metabolism and physical and mental balance 

Chia – a kind of seed used by the Aztecs and Mayans to improve digestion

Quinoa – gluten-free and protein-rich pseudocereal, ideal for vegans

Amaranth – pseudocereal good for eyes and bones, thanks to its high iron and calcium content 

Manuka honey – monofloral honey originating from New Zealand and Australia, with strong antibacterial properties

Ginger – a root plant that acts as a spice, fights nausea and relieves respiratory problems

Veranda Mall hosts the Dr Max hyper-pharmacy, which includes a healthy eating area with superfoods and supplements extracted from them. Whether you want to put together a list of healthy foods for children according to their needs or choose suitable tablets for the heart, joints or liver, pharmacists are ready to help you with relevant recommendations. Do not hesitate to ask for their advice! 

5. Nuts and oilseeds 

High in healthy fats, protein, and iron, these snacks are well-deserving of a spot on your shopping list. Particularly beneficial for the brain, they also reduce the risk of diabetes or cardiovascular disease as long as they are consumed in moderation. Even the butter they obtained would be perfect for breakfast or after a workout at the gym. Everything is free of added sugar and harmful preservatives.

Some examples of nuts and seeds worth introducing into your routine are:

Almonds – a concentrated source of vitamin E, quickly converted into butter, flour or milk.

Hazelnuts – rich in vitamins and minerals that keep heart disease at bay

Cashew – a combination of essential minerals and nutrients for bone density

Pistachios – lower in calories and fat than other nuts and rich in B vitamins

Standard nuts (although they are more of a fruit) – long associated with longevity and mental acuity

Sesame – full of minerals and fatty acids, easy to eat as is, as a paste or oil 

Flax – as a fibre addition to morning cereals and homemade protein bars

Pumpkin seeds – are among the top healthy foods rich in magnesium, an essential mineral for chemical reactions in the body.

In the dm store in Veranda Mall, you can find various products from organic farming. Also, there are dedicated shelves for healthy and filling foods without gluten, lactose or other allergens, marked as such. Thus, you can make the best choices for each family member, from children to seniors and even for dogs.

6. Fermented dairy products

Dairy products from the probiotic category are some of the healthiest foods for the gut. The microorganisms they contain restore the intestinal flora and repair the harmful effects that an unhealthy diet can have over time. In addition, due to the breakdown and fermentation of lactose in milk, it can also be consumed by some people with lactose intolerance.

Here are just a few fermented dairy products recommended by nutritionists:

Full-fat yoghurt – preserves the nutrients in milk but also offers gastrointestinal protection.

Kefir – a soft drink that contains even more probiotic cultures than yoghurtRicotta – made from milk or whey, contains high-quality animal proteins and facilitates calcium absorption in the body.

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