Tower Bridge London History and Tower Bridge Restaurants/Hotels
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Tower Bridge in London is very famous due to its unique feature of a movable bridge concept. Did you know why Tower Bridge was built? Tower Bridge was built to make it more comfortable for London’s fast-growing population to cross the river in the Victorian period.

This london tower bridge is designed by architect Sir Horace Jones and civil engineer Sir John Wolfe Barry.

It strikes the River Thames near the Tower of London and is one of five London bridges owned and maintained by the Bridge House Estates. It is about 240 meters (800 feet) long and provides an opening 76 meters (250 feet) wide. Its twin towers rise 61 meters (200 feet) above the Thames.

People from other countries visit the tower bridge to see the view and enjoy the movement. 

From all over the world, tourists visit london to see tower bridge and most people search for good restaurants to have food, and others search for hotels near tower bridge.

Some interesting things people search on Google about the tower bridge.

When Was Tower Bridge Built?

The tower bridge london was built on 21 June 1886 and finished on 30 June 1894.

When Does Tower Bridge Open?

Tower Bridge opens its bascules approximately 800 times yearly, roughly twice daily.

Tower Bridge Lift Times

Schedule bridge lifetimes can be canceled if any issue is caused, so it is important to visit the official site of the tower bridge to know the lift times. Visit this link to learn about tower bridge lift times

And some search for Tower Bridge Opening Times on the Internet, and this is the same answer. Kindly visit the official website of london tower bridge. There you can find exact, updated tower bridge opening times.

How Old is Tower Bridge?

137 years old. 

How Long is Tower Bridge?

The bridge is 244m (800 ft) long.

Who Built the Tower Bridge?

Sir John Jackson was a prominent English engineer who subsequently lived and served as a Unionist Member of Parliament for Devonport from 1910 to 1918.

Nearby Tower Bridge Restaurants and Hotels

Tourists search for restaurants and hotels when they visit tower bridge london, so here we share some of the best nearby restaurants and hotels to tower bridge. 

Coppa Club Tower Bridge

Coppa Club Tower Bridge

Near the tower bridge, there is a Coppa Club tower bridge. It is famous, and visitors visit this restaurant for a coppa burger. It is special to the Coppa club.

Coppa Club has a perfect view of the Southbank’s skyline, where people come for a drink and meal. It has a lounge, bar, restaurant and terrace. It has four stars out of 5 on Google. 

The special thing is it has private dining, and it is important to book a reservation there by visiting their website

Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge

Leonardo Royal London Tower Bridge

Leonardo royal london tower bridge is near too tower bridge london; Leonardo Hotel is a lavish hotel where visitors stay in spacious rooms and see the view of the london tower bridge. 

On, it has a rating of 8 out of 10, which is appreciated.

Leonardo Royal Hotel London Tower Bridge Offers the following Services:

  • Spa and wellness center
  • Hot tub/Jacuzzi
  • Fitness center
  • Sauna
  • Massage
  • Spa facilities
  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness
  • Spa lounge/relaxation area
  • Steam room
  • Spa/wellness packages

Premier Inn Tower Bridge

Premier Inn hotel

London Tower Bridge Hotel is just a short walk from the Tower of London. They have the best service and affordable new modern rooms like double, twin, family, and accessible. 

They serve breakfast, dinner and meal deals to their customers, which is a great gesture from premier inn tower bridge.

Gaucho Tower Bridge

Gaucho steak restaurant

To visit the Gachuo tower bridge, you just need to spend 5 minutes from the london tower bridge. It is a steak restaurant in tower bridge that also serves great wine, which is special and unique. 

Many people visit here due to its specialty of the finest Argentinian steak by London Bridge.

On their menu, you can find various things like A la Carte, Bar Food, Wine, Drinks, Dessert, Gaucho Brunch; Lunch set menu, children, Sunday Roast, Signature Menu, Group Menu Feast, Canape Menu and Terrace Lunch Menu. 

It is advisable to check their website and book the seats if you plan to visit gaucho tower bridge.

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