Weight Loss Motivation: Tips and Expert Advice

We understand with experts why motivation is so important for weight loss, where to find it, how to get inspired, and how to support it.

Do you want to normalize weight and improve body condition, but you can not stick to the rules and keep the focus on proper nutrition and training? This is a common problem, and here’s how to fix it.

Why is there no motivation to lose weight

If you have tried to stick to the chosen course, relying on willpower alone, then you know how difficult it is. Of course, sometimes it is worth setting rigid limits and following the rules regardless of your habits, but sooner or later, such self-control and restrictions lead to breakdowns.

Motivation is often lost due to the vague formulation of the goal. Why do you want to be slimmer? What new opportunities will change the weight or size of clothes? Why is this important to you? Interestingly, intrinsic motivation is more effective than extrinsic motivation. 

This means that when a goal is controlled by your own attitudes rather than the expectations of others, you are more likely to move towards it in the long run.

How does weight loss motivation work?

Motivation is a psychological process closely related to physiology that motivates a person to action. It forms the ability to satisfy one’s needs, not only in the moment but also for a long time. Motivation works through the dopaminergic neural process, through which the brain rewards a person. 

Condition – the execution of a task that solves the selected internal need. Goals are formed, starting from the basic ones necessary for survival (food, water, sleep, comfortable conditions) and ending with social, career and material benefits and expectations from oneself and one’s life.

“The key to weight loss motivation is like the fuel in a car: you don’t have to have a full tank to drive. But you can’t let it sit empty,” says Joshua S. Klapow, PhD, a clinical psychologist at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and author of Smart 

Essential Habits That Will Change Your Health Habits Forever

Motivation is cyclical; it cannot always be at its peak: the process inevitably goes from periods of decline to raise and back. It is essential to track this individual curve and not require constant involvement from yourself to avoid burnout and psychological exhaustion. Look for additional sources if you need more motivation based on your goals. For example, the following practices help with weight loss.


Creating visionary goals, including wishlists, really helps keep you motivated. Present the end result of your labours. It must be realistic. Return to this image, again and again, adding and considering details. Reflect on what and how you will change your daily routine when you get closer to your dream figure.

Photo “before and after”

Few things can motivate me as much as the positive example of other people. After all, if they can do it, then you can too. Of course, it is difficult to say whether you will achieve identical results, even if you follow the same nutrition and training system as the blogger in the before and after photos. But inspiration does not happen superfluously. In addition, the method is suitable for those who need an example in front of their eyes to visualize.

Personal experience

Why do many people like examples of famous people who have changed their appearance? Because of them you can track in real time what a person was and what he became. Photos of anonymous users are not always as informative: you can’t check how much time has passed between “before” and “after”. Victories in the life of a beloved celebrity or a person from a close circle charge you with self-confidence; there is an opportunity to track how a person has changed over a long period, read or ask about ways to achieve a goal.

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