What are Face Rollers, and How to Use them Correctly?

The facial roller has many benefits, from relaxation to reducing all signs of aging. Let’s find out with the experts whether it works.

What are rollers for facial massage, and how to use them correctly?

What is a face roller?

The facial roller is a popular beauty gadget in the form of a pen with a rotating massage roll tip. They are used by experts in face fitness on social networks. The accessory has been known for a long time. First-hand massagers appeared in the 7th century in China. Then they were only jade, and modern rollers are also made from minerals – amethyst, quartz, and onyx.

The roller is one of the most popular home beauty gadgets. It perfectly stimulates blood circulation in the tissues. If you keep it in a cool place, the roller copes well with swelling and has a lymphatic drainage effect. It’s compact and easy to massage your face anywhere, anytime.

How does a facial roller work?

Rollers gently massage the face and stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness, relieve tension, stimulate blood flow, and increase skin radiance. Care also has a psychological effect: it is self-care, during which the level of stress hormones decreases, including cortisol, which is associated with skin aging.

Research confirms the benefits of using rollers. They:

Improve blood circulation: Massage stimulates blood flow to the face; as a result, the skin becomes radiant.

Reduce puffiness. Due to the lymphatic drainage effect, bags under the eyes are reduced, and the oval of the face becomes more apparent.

Improve mood: Some studies support the reduction of anxiety in humans due to gentle massage movements. 

Calm the skin: This is especially true for chilled rollers.

Enhance the effect of cosmetics. Using the roller with oil or moisturizer, the tool glides over the skin better, and the products are absorbed faster.

Sculpting the face: Regular facial massage helps to tighten the skin, make it more elastic, and, over time, define the contours of the face. But more than a few procedures are required; using a roller should become routine.

You should not use a roller for skin rashes, especially with acne. Rollers have contraindications: “Pustoid skin diseases, wounds, and extensive skin neoplasms. However, bypassing these places with a roller is enough if there are not many rashes, wounds, and moles. If you have warts and papillomas, avoid massage in these areas.

The effectiveness of the roller is determined by the expectations from its use: “If you use the roller regularly (for ten minutes three or four times a week), you can achieve good results, mainly due to lymphatic drainage. 

It is necessary to work out the cervical-collar zone and face. Use promotes the outflow of lymph, vasodilation, and acceleration of metabolic processes. Improves skin tone and quality, and complexion. However, you should not expect a wow effect from one procedure. 

Only after a month of regular use can you notice that puffiness appears less often on the face, and home care products begin to absorb and work better. A one-time use of the gadget, for example, before going out, will not have an effect. In this case, contacting specialists who will make a sculptural facial massage is better.

Types of facial rollers

Rollers are made of metal or stone. The materials must be of high quality, while the choice of a roller does not depend on the type of skin.

Jade roller

Like metal, jade has cooling properties. It evens out skin tone and relaxes it, relieving puffiness. Jade massagers are made as gouache rollers and scrapers from solid minerals. It is worth specifying the composition in the description on the manufacturer’smanufacturer’s website: some models are made of cheap stone and jade-colored plastic. A jade roller on marketplaces costs 200 rubles up to 2.5 thousand rubles.

Metal roller

The gadget is made of two balls with an uneven surface. Due to the cutting, the massage effect is enhanced, and a delicate study of the face, neck, and decollete is possible. Prices range from 150 rubles. for simple models measuring 6 cm up to 35 thousand rubles. for ergonomic gadgets with faceted details.

Quartz roller

A light pink or green quartz roller reduces swelling and improves microcirculation in the fight against fine wrinkles. Cosmetologists recommend using a quartz roller to prevent aging and preserve youthful skin. Prices: 200 rubles. For simple models, up to 5 thousand rubles. For sets with a gouache scraper and a small mesoscooter.

Amethyst Rollerball

Amethyst is a variety of quartz. People with sensitive and problem skin should choose such rollers. The crystal soothes it, helps to lighten age spots, and improves skin color. It is also recommended to prevent acne and papillomas—price – from 260 to 4 thousand rubles.


A gadget with thin needles stimulates the work of fibroblasts – skin cells – due to slight trauma. Massage improves microcirculation, enhances the penetration of beneficial substances from cosmetics, and stimulates skin regeneration. There are large mesoscooters for the body and miniature gadgets for the face. The cost varies from 200 rubles. Up to 20 thousand rubles, depending on composition and configuration.

How to use the face roller

When using the roller alone, you must follow a few simple rules.

1. Apply oil or serum to the skin

Without moisturizers, the massager can stretch the skin of the face and increase wrinkles.

2. Massage your face with a roller

Massage movements should be performed along massage lines or Langer lines so that the massage is effective and does not cause stretching. It is undesirable to use rollers on dry skin.

If you want toning and lymphatic drainage, you can put the roller in the refrigerator before the massage, and for a relaxing effect, heat the massager with warm water. Massage is performed along the following lines:

  • Along the front surface of the neck from the bottom up;
  • Along the lateral surfaces of the neck from top to bottom;
  • From the center of the chin to the earlobe;
  • From the corners of the mouth to the center of the ear;
  • From the wings of the nose to the temples;
  • From the outer corner of the eye to the inner;
  • From the bridge of the nose to the center of the forehead;
  • From the center of the forehead to the temples.

3. Clean the roller

For the massage to be beneficial and for the gadget to last longer, cleaning it after each procedure is necessary. Washing the roller with soapy water after use and then leaving it to dry on a towel. Rollers cannot be soaked.

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