What is a Male Manicure and Why Do Men Need It?
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The logic of male manicures is not “feminine,” and the procedure itself is more than just caring for the nail plate.

Manicure for men is mostly hygiene care, and polishing and coating are optional. However, for those who are in character and love experiments, there is where to roam.

What is a male manicure?

A manicure is, first and foremost, a beauty treatment. During the session, the master cleans the nails and hands, removes burrs, processes the edge of the nail, and cuts down to a comfortable length. There are no fundamental differences between people of all genders, says Varvara Shpiliotova, manicure and pedicure master, a podiatrist at the Orient Express spa clinic. All methods today are suitable for both, with the only difference being that men need to go deeper into the nuances, relying on the choice of a professional, the expert adds. As a rule, men are offered the following manicure options:

Classical: Another name for it is edging. The procedure begins with processing the edge of the nail with a file. The master removes the length and shapes the nails. After the hands are soaked in a warm bath, where, if desired, oils or other spa ingredients can be added, then proceed to cuticle processing. To do this, use special metal tweezers. They cut off everything superfluous. Ultimately, the master will offer nail polishing and apply the cream on the hands.

Hardware: Performed using a special machine with various metal or ceramic nozzles. The procedure is done on dry hands. Files of different sizes and abrasiveness are used for the cuticle and skin rollers around the nail. Unlike edged, hardware manicure is less traumatic. Upon completion of the treatment of nails and cuticles, the master can perform a procedure for exfoliating the skin of the hands with a scrub or apply a nourishing mask.

European: Another name for the procedure is unedged manicure. Step by step, he largely repeats the classical technique. The main difference is that the cuticle is not cut with tweezers but is pushed back with a special orange tree stick. To soften the skin, a remover or oil is applied to the base of the nail. European manicure is done both with a warm bath and without it.

Good news: Men have abandoned the stereotypical gender thinking regarding nail care and willingly sign up for manicures. Among my clients, 30-40% are men. Some regular customers come regularly, once every two weeks. As a rule, they do not delve into the details and rely on my recommendations. They prefer to leave the length minimal; some agree to polish it. But such units. But the opinions of men about spa treatments differ. Some do not even allow the cream to be smeared on their hands, while others love whole spa rituals.

Why do men need a manicure?

Manicure as a hygiene procedure is no less important than regular hand washing. Moreover, in some cases, it is impossible, in principle, to avoid a visit to the master, for example, with ingrown nails or recovery from fungal infections. Among other things, well-groomed hands are an element of the image and not necessarily extravagant.

Regular manicure:

Improves the appearance of hands: The lack of basic care does not create the best impression and can spoil the professional image.

Supports nail health: Constantly inflamed burrs, small wounds, and rough skin can provoke suppuration and various nail diseases up to plate deformation. Regular hygiene guarantees nails’ strength, shine, and healthy color. Additional procedures, such as polishing or applying a colorless medical varnish, make the nails more smooth.

Prolongs the youthfulness of the skin of the hands: The negative impact of ultraviolet rays affects, among other things, the hands. With age, age spots and wrinkles appear on them. A manicure alone will not fix these damages but can smooth them out in other ways. To do this, ask the master to conduct a spa treatment. Exfoliation and nourishing masks, creams, and hand massages will restore hydration, improve blood circulation and strengthen the skin’s barrier function.

Corrects the nail plate: The nail plate can become deformed and exfoliate, turn yellow, or thicken excessively. There are many reasons for this – from frequent visits to the pool to injuries and fungal infections. For the nail to recover, you must wait for a complete change of the nail plate. On average, this happens within two to three months. At this time, a manicure will help to adjust the appearance of the nails. In particular, care with medicated varnish will keep delamination and brittleness, and polishing will remove yellowness from nails, including those of smokers.

Helps to express yourself: Manicure is a great way to add zest to your look. You don’t have to be a rock star or an outrageous blogger to do this. The master can always offer something discreet but, at the same time, interesting. The design options are endless, and the only thing that can stop the flight of fantasy is the size of the nail plate.

How to do men’s manicures in the salon

Salon care depends on individual characteristics – the growth rate of nails and cuticles, says Nadezhda Lipskaya, a specialist in medical manicure and pedicure at the Kraftway clinic. She says that men tend to have thicker cuticles that must be treated longer and more often. On average, a man’s manicure takes 40-45 minutes. But with running nails, cuticles, and an abundance of burrs, it takes more than an hour to lay for a session. Ideally, it would help if you came for a manicure as the nails grow back – once every one and a half to two weeks, the expert advises.

Features of male manicure

Practical: A classic men’s manicure keeps nails clean and presentable. This is especially important if someone communicates with people, often shakes hands, and makes public presentations.

Prost: Regarding nail shape, women have a wide range of choices. However, for men’s manicures, the master, as a rule, repeats the shape of the fingertip. The length is short and comfortable.

Minimum: According to experts, only a few men dare even to transparent varnish. Even fewer people dare to color coating or other nail art techniques. Polishing is usually used in classic men’s manicures to give the nails shine and smoothness.

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