When to Eat Cucumbers With Skin, and When Not to Eat them?

When it comes to eating cucumbers, people fall into two camps – those who eat them with their skin on and those who peel them. How it is better, discover in the lines below! 

Cucumber is one of the most sought-after vegetables on the market, being appreciated, especially for its taste and refreshing properties. 

It is also very healthy because it contains antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C and K, potassium, fibre, calcium, zinc, protein, manganese and magnesium, substances with a vital role in the body. Moreover, cucumbers contain 96% water. Therefore, these vegetables have an antioxidant, diuretic and moisturizing role. 

No doubt cucumbers are crunchy, delicious and healthy, but how is it better for our health to eat them, with or without skin? Moreover, are we putting ourselves at risk if we eat them whole with their green skin? Here is what the experts think! 

Are Cucumbers Eaten With or Without Skin? 

In theory, these delicious vegetables can be eaten with their skin on, as their fleshy part contains fibre and vitamin A. According to “Livescience”, the seeds and skin of cucumbers are the parts that have the most health-giving nutrients. 

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However, due to pesticide exposure, some people prefer to peel them, reducing the risk of possibly ingesting harmful substances. This may be possible, so what is the best and safest option?

When to Eat Cucumbers With Skin On

The skin of the cucumber is full of vitamins. To take advantage of all its benefits, experts recommend purchasing organic cucumbers, which you then wash thoroughly with warm water to ensure that they are safe for consumption, informs “WebMD.”

In general, any vegetable should run for at least 1 minute under a strong stream of water and should scrape the peel off to remove any harmful substances from the vegetable. 

So, eating the skin of cucumbers that have yet to be adequately washed is not good.

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