6 Trendy Spring Outfit Ideas for 2022

As the spring season approaches, your emails, magazine subscriptions and social media feed are all bound to be filled with runway-fresh trends, styles and colors. The onset of yearly spring trends is always exciting because it signals a change of pace, warmer weather and the closeness of summer. However, it can be difficult to turn these style trends into actual outfits, much less outfits that work well with what’s already in your closet. Whether you’re looking for general inspiration or specific looks, here are a few trendy spring outfit ideas you’ll definitely want to try this year.

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1. Cute Colors + Gold Jewelry: Spring is about refreshment and awakening after the cold winter months. It’s defined by blooming trees and warm sunshine breaking through the clouds. Take a bit of inspiration from nature this spring and wear your favorite earth-inspired spring colors paired with jewelry that reminds you of a golden spring sunset.

If your jewelry box needs a refresh, shop for trendy jewelry in gold finishes that is rich and smooth. This might include a set of rings, a few gold bangles or a classic gold pendant necklace. The rest of your outfit can be made up of one or multiple spring colors like sunny pastels, a classic light pink, soft earth tones and more. For a simple look, stick to one or two solid colors, or make it big and bold with a spring-inspired print!

2. Casual Jumpsuit Look: A silk or velvet jumpsuit is a great way to make a statement at a formal event, but a casual version makes for the perfect everyday spring look as well. This season, turn heads in a trendy-yet-casual jumpsuit made from cotton, linen or denim. This one-piece style makes getting dressed a breeze and comes in so many fun spring colors.

Whether you’re running errands in a cotton jumpsuit, heading to lunch or shopping in a funky denim jumpsuit or anything in between, you can customize your trendy outfit with different shoes and accessories to fit your style.

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3. Sporty-Inspired Style: It’s no secret that the athleisure trend has become a long-standing trend for many, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Give your athletic-inspired looks a spring refreshment and go for a sporty chic ensemble.

Sporty chic style is all about utilizing timeless basics, minimal stylish accessories and pieces that give you a great fit. Think of it as your version of celebrity street style or model off-duty looks. For spring, try a sporty chic look made up of a pair of cute sneakers, black bike shorts or denim cutoffs, a white t-shirt, stylish sunglasses and a baseball cap.

4. Soft Fabrics + Spring Colors: Though you might be focused on wearing your favorite spring dresses out and about, there’s also room for spring trends in your loungewear drawer. Take your self-care night or work from home session to the next level by wearing and celebrating the season’s best trends through your next cute loungewear look.

This season’s most popular colors include shades of sage green, periwinkle and bright orange, as well as beloved basics in a host of tans and beige hues. Pair like colors together for a monochromatic loungewear outfit or mix colors of joggers, shorts, sweats, t-shirts and cardigans to get a more diverse look.

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5. A Touch of Plaid: Plaids are the print of the season and can be found in countless color combinations, styles and fits. Wearing plaid as a part of your spring outfits is a great way to add a bit of preppiness into casual or nicer looks. It’s also a unique alternative to floral prints.

If you’re thinking of including a plaid piece in some of your spring outfits, make sure to start by looking at the plaid print and its colors. From there, choose the other pieces of your outfit based on that color scheme and other basic colors in order to create an effortlessly chic look. Don’t forget that you can also add some plaid via a headband, handbag or other fun accessory!

6. Your Favorite Jeans + Fun Heels: Whether you’re planning a girls’ night or a date night, jeans and heels are a killer combination without fail. The duo has seen a bit of an upgrade since last spring, too, with ultra high rise and flare or straight leg styles dominating the denim scene and pops of bold neon and dreamy pastels ruling the footwear world.

To plan a stylish, spring-inspired look like this, grab your favorite jeans of the moment and pair them with a pair of heels in a fun color, style or print. Go bold and match your top to your shoes or keep it classic with a white top for optimum spring vibes.

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